Terminus House – Caridon Property Group: The Benefits of Open-Plan Living


Terminus House, Caridon Property Group’s property in Central Harlow, Essex, is conveniently situated within easy walking distance of the high street and local stores, providing occupants with an array of dining and leisure experiences on their doorstep. Benefiting from lift access, Terminus House’s selection of part-furnished studios incorporate a contemporary design with an open-plan kitchenette and living area. This article will explore the many benefits of open-plan living and how it presents a more practical and dynamic arrangement that is ideal for families.

A shared family space with accessible communal areas encourages a more social lifestyle. While the children complete their homework at the kitchen bench, parents can prepare the evening meal, enabling family members to complete routine tasks without feeling cut off from each other. Depending on the living space’s exact configuration, parents could watch a movie while preparing the evening meal. The biggest benefit here is not only increased family time but the ability to keep an eye on the children while also remaining productive.

A major attraction of open-plan living is the feeling of space it creates. Opening up living spaces makes a property seem larger than it would with internal walls. This can be particularly beneficial in small homes, where walls can make living spaces feel claustrophobic and cramped. These extended areas create an ideal space for leisure activities such as enjoying a yoga session or playing with the children.

One of the biggest benefits of an open-plan home is the increased light and airflow created by eliminating walls. Not closing off each communal area culminates in free-flowing space between different parts of the home, with shared light streaming in from one side of the building to the other.

A comfortable sofa capable of accommodating family members and guests is a must in most modern households. Nevertheless, with square footage at a premium in many parts of the world, fitting in bulky furniture can be challenging, presenting significant problems when it comes to moving home. Open-plan layouts offer flexibility, presenting occupants with much more choice in terms of organising their furniture. Whether they seek to create a work-from-home space or a dining area, without the constraints of sectioning and walls, it is much easier for occupants to plan the perfect layout to meet their family’s needs.

With fewer rooms, open-plan living offers ‘zones’ of living space, enabling families to maximise their space and ensure that no corner is wasted. Open living spaces create the illusion that living areas are bigger than they actually are, adding value to a property.

Open-plan layouts provide families with more freedom, enabling them to change and rearrange room configurations as their lifestyle evolves. Growing with the occupants and allowing minor modifications, particularly in terms of furniture composition, open-plan layouts are more versatile and dynamic than traditional homes, providing living spaces capable of evolving over time and presenting endless possibilities. This may seem a relatively trivial consideration, but with a surge in home working during the COVID-19 pandemic, many families have been forced to adapt their living spaces considerably over the past few years.

Open-plan living spaces are more conducive to entertaining, eliminating the need for hosts to keep flitting between the kitchen and dining room or lounge. In an open-plan home, everyone can be part of the conversation, enabling parents to keep an eye on their little ones while getting on with their daily tasks.

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