Hospitals In Mexico City Experience Saturation Due To Covid Patients


Hospitals in Mexico City that treat covid-19 are almost at the limit. Hospital saturation due to the pandemic remains at very high levels in the capital, the hotbed of the pandemic in the country, which totals 115,769 deaths and almost 1.3 million cases .

The relatives of the patients know this, who have to search for hours for a bed available for their patients, while they watch with anguish how the virus begins to wreak havoc on their relatives. Virginia Mariela spent six hours looking for a hospital for her sister: “Horrible, we visited like seven hospitals,” she told Efe on Tuesday.

He comments that during that search, his sister could not breathe and, after insisting, for the second time, she was received at the General Hospital of the Parque de los Venados. According to data from the capital’s health authorities, the hospital occupancy of intensive therapy beds is 75% and they are looking to expand another 500 beds this week.

Meanwhile, the federal Ministry of Health places occupancy for beds in general at 83% and beds with ventilators at 71% (for critical patients), which is why they continue to deny that the capital’s health institutions have an occupancy of the 100%.

“While it is true that there are medical units that may be reaching a saturation point, the institutions are not at 100%. They still have beds with a ventilator available, ” José Luis Alomía, general director of Epidemiology, emphasized Monday night. of the Ministry of Health.

However, there are great difficulties in finding beds.

Diana Laura Gómez affirms that her grandmother has been hospitalized for three days. Although she was diagnosed at the “Salvador Zubirán” National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition, she had to be transferred to another medical center because there were no beds available.

“We waited two days for them to transfer her here. It happened very quickly, but it is difficult to find a hospital,” she says.

Capacity, but without inputs
This Monday the maximum peak of hospitalizations was reached, with 4,598 patients, while the previous limit had been in May with 4,553.

In the last week alone, some 3,517 people have been admitted to hospitals for covid and 1,032 are in beds with a ventilator , according to data from the Ministry of Health in the capital. That is why the tension in the vicinity of the covid area in hospitals is evident.

In recent weeks, in Mexico City hospitalizations have skyrocketed because “the influx does not stop,” a nurse from the specialty hospital of the National Siglo XXI Medical Center admits to Efe who requested anonymity. And although this hospital is reported with availability, the truth is that it no longer receives more patients.

“The third floor is empty. We have 24 beds available on the third floor, but there are no supplies. We do not have tips, respirators, so we no longer receive more,” he says.
With tears, this nurse assures that the medical center has only provided them with a gown and a mask as protective equipment.

And for that reason at least 75% of the staff have been infected and there have been dozens of deaths of colleagues , always according to their words. He acknowledges that the health personnel in this and other hospitals are tired, devastated, “and the worst thing is that they do not protect us.”

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