A Personal Touch: Inspiration to Plan a Unique Wedding


Weddings are a celebration of love and life. Tying the knot can be a monumental moment in your life, and you may have been dreaming of this day since you were a small child. To make your wedding as special as possible, consider adding personal touches to your planning. This can be something large or small, from locations to decorations.

Here, we will explore three ways you can plan a wedding that is unique to you.

Consider alternative wedding venues

When you imagine a traditional wedding venue, an image of a church may spring to mind. A church wedding is breathtakingly beautiful, and we can see why this is often the first choice for many betrothed couples. However, to plan a day full of personal touches unique to you, you and your partner might consider alternative wedding venues.

What could be more beautiful than a wedding surrounded by nature? To go against the grain and ditch the church wedding, you can plan to make your vows at a Great British country house. This can be as picturesque as your heart desires, in stunning places around the nation. There are multiple wedding venues in the Lake District, an area renowned for its lakes and mountains in the Northwest of England.

Our homes are the one place we can confidently be ourselves. To plan a wedding that is particularly unique to your personality, you can host the event in your own house. It doesn’t matter if you live in a mansion or an apartment, you can modify the space to suit your needs. There are lots of ways you can transform a living area into a wedding venue of your dreams, including decorating your garden or living room as a reception area. Although, if you live in England or Wales, you will need to visit the registry office before celebrating in your home.

Create eye-catching centrepieces

In addition to locations, remember to focus on the smaller details and finishing touches. These may not be the key elements of your event, but they can certainly make a lasting impression on your guests. This includes the centrepieces you choose. Whether you’re edging towards maximalism or minimalism, decoration is integral to achieving the desired atmosphere of your wedding.

In a traditional event, floral arrangements may take centre stage. Considering flowers look beautiful and smell delightful, we can see why so many brides and grooms choose this option. If you’re wanting a wedding that resonates with your unique personality a little more, consider vintage items you can’t buy in a store. A retro centrepiece, such as an antique vase, is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding tables while incorporating sweet-scented flowers.

Why not go one step further? To make your wedding even more unique, you could create your own centrepieces. This can range from a showstopping birch nest to decorative bird cages. You don’t have to be a crafting genius to make these, but you may have to get your hands dirty. So roll up your sleeves and begin the process of bringing your vision to life.

Choose thoughtful wedding favours for your guests to cherish

Weddings represent the loving bond between you and your partner. To look back on these memories, you may want to keep some sentimental items. This can be the clothes you wore on the day, from a tuxedo to a gown. In the same way, your guests may also wish to reminisce about your wedding. Rather than choosing traditional sugared almonds, you can leave them with a thoughtful wedding favour that they can cherish as a keepsake.

A wedding favour can be both practical and thoughtful. Weddings can last all day, and we all know how unpredictable Great British weather can be. The sun may shine in the morning, but that doesn’t stop a rain cloud from appearing and drenching your guests. To prepare for this, your wedding favour can be a personalised fan or umbrella. This is also perfect if your wedding is going to be outdoors.

In comparison to this, you might want to gift your guests something more whimsical – and what could be more light-hearted than a collectable coin? These can be decorated with your names, the date of your wedding, and even a carving of your face. Something to keep for years to come, your guests are sure to enjoy this personalised wedding favour.  

These are three ideas to create a wedding that is personalised for you and your partner. There are lots of other ideas for you to consider, including unique themes and bouquets. Although you don’t need to know every detail months in advance, this is a good place to start your preparations. Will you add a personal touch to your day?










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