The Sweaty Betty Review: How I Look On A Yoga Retreat


To be honest, I seldom work out in my gym gear for more than an hour, but having a kit that looks and feels nice inspires me to go to the gym or my yoga mat more often.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve lately developed a little obsession with health and wellness vacations. I just returned from a Body MOT weekend in the UK after spending a week in Fuerteventura at the Azul Fit yoga retreat. My favorite vacations are those that combine my passions for travel and health because you can’t go on vacation without the proper gear, right?

During my most recent two fitness vacations, I had the opportunity to put some of Sweaty Betty Reviews exquisite gear to the test.

What Is Sweaty Betty’s Job?

Sweaty Betty Reviews suggest a fashion-forward sportswear company that aims to seamlessly incorporate both style and functionality. To achieve a balance between femininity and sportiness, every detail has been carefully considered. I’m inspired to work out just by glancing at the Look Book.

As a result, it doesn’t make me want the physique of an athletic model, but rather makes me want to go for a jog or for a bike ride. To be honest, it doesn’t inspire me to join a gym, but rather to go for a walk or jog in the fresh air. What I want to achieve in 2014 isn’t about slaving away on the treadmill, it’s about a good, fit lifestyle.

The Sweaty Betty Kit I’m Wearing

The majority of my gear comes from the Sweaty Betty Reviews series from the fall/winter season. If you’re itching to peruse the newest arrivals, the spring/summer line is available right now.

The Chandrasana Leggings – £49 –

Leggings made of super-comfortable cotton with an eye-catching starry galaxy design were the perfect choice for my practice. I’ve started wearing them around the home and to yoga sessions since they’re so soft and comfy (OK, and to the supermarket and to walk the dog too). All the attention goes to these leggings, and as per Sweaty Betty Reviews they’re a great design.

£59.50 For The Salbasana Capris

Salabasana capris’ reversible design is one of my favorite features. Apply Sweaty Betty Us Coupons for the price of one, you get two pairs, and I often swap them around depending on what I’m doing. Because no one will notice you’re wearing them when you’re jogging, they’re great for that as well.

Wearers will appreciate how well this material wicks perspiration. They’re also slimming and flexible because of the triangles around the hips.

These pants are a little see-through in places like the crotch and knees, so you’ll want to try them on before purchasing. Because I’m a UK size 10, I went with a medium, and they fit perfectly.

The Sadhaka Top Costs £65.

This long-sleeved sadhaka shirt is so cuddly that I can’t help but stroke it. The lightness of this shirt makes it an exception to my usual rule of not wearing long sleeve tops to work out. Since it has fitting sleeves and an extended length, this top is quite comfortable. You’ll keep nice and cool in this because of the mesh side, and it looks great with my cotton leggings.

£55 For The Chaturanga Yoga Cami

Sweaty Betty Reviews point out that how difficult it is to find the right yoga shirt. Bending, squatting, and leaning all day means you’re always dragging your top-down to conceal your tummy or pulling up to cover your boobs, which is not very flattering. After that, you have to deal with straps coming off, fabric in your eyes, and your bra straps showing. As a result, I adore this yoga top.

In Their Own Words, Sweaty Betty Describes It:

Q-Skin yarns, which are naturally antimicrobial and sweat-wicking, are used to create a seamless vest. It has a high neckline and inner breast support to keep everything in place during chaturanga exercises. The ruched center adds elegance while the ribbed panels improve posture.”

If you don’t wear a bra, you don’t have to worry about it rising up. The well-placed perspiration-wicking material also makes it snug, but not unattractive. This shirt is my go-to for all kinds of workouts, including running, spinning, yoga, and Pilates.

Workout Bra By Sweaty Betty Studio

Is this medium stretch sports bra making a Sweaty Betty Reviews in the studio? It’s a go! With its supporting understanding and ribbed lining, the racerback top gives me the confidence I need to take command of the studio. With the mesh leggings, I can’t get enough of the ombre pattern.

With the use of sensors, I can track my progress and motivate myself towards a healthier lifestyle with the help of my Misfit Activity Tracker. Sleep and steps monitoring are two of my favorite features. If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that’s both fashionable and functional, look no further.

Yes. Yes. Yes, I was given this bag and I am completely smitten with it. It’s the cutest thing. If you’re anything like me, this duffel bag is ideal for weekend getaways or just getting about town.

There is a detachable mesh pouch for your belongings, as well as a water bottle-sized pocket on the inside of the bag for your convenience. Passports, phones, and sunglasses may all be stored safely in a rear pocket on the backpack. The neoprene material is quite simple to clean, which makes this bag a no-brainer. Pay the $185 and get the bag. Sweaty Betty Reviews, Sweaty Betty is the best workout clothing brand out there. Although it’s pricey, you get what you pay for, as is the case with most things in life. It’s of excellent quality, washes nicely, and I can already tell that it will endure.

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