Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner On The Market, According To The OCU


If a product has entered home use strongly in recent years, that is the robot vacuum cleaner. Powered by the Roomba firm , which is why this device is popularly known, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has wanted to analyze up to 59 different brands and devices that are offered in specialized establishments to reel off their characteristics, as well as the one that presents the best offer on the market.

Cleaning the house remotely has become a reality thanks to robot vacuum cleaners. What seemed like science fiction a few years ago, today is the most common for these devices with which a person can be sitting on the sofa while the machine works or, directly, not even at home thanks to the programming function that some models include.

Comfort , therefore, as its main weapon, the other is that they hardly require any effort in its use, so vacuuming is no longer an annoying and boring task. In addition, with the advancement of technology, it is increasingly common for these machines to dodge obstacles and map surfaces so as not to leave a single corner uncleaned. Finally, among its positive aspects, it stands out that they hardly consume energy and their environmental noise is minimal.

By only acting on flat surfaces, this type of vacuum cleaner is not suitable for cleaning upholstery or curtains
However, it is against its cons where the purchase of a robot vacuum cleaner is most doubtful to the point of wondering if it is worth the investment. Generally expensive, the most effective models do not go below 300 euros ( Black Friday can be a good opportunity to lower their price ), nor do they completely replace traditional vacuum cleaners.

Because they have better power than these, they tend to be ineffective on rugs and carpets . They also do not completely collect the dirt from the cracks and grooves, which a sled vacuum cleaner does absorb and when moving on flat surfaces, they cannot work on curtains or upholstery either. All obstacles that leave in question whether this investment could not be made on a conventional vacuum cleaner, much more efficient even if it works with human effort.

Roomba the most popular … and the best
But once its pros and cons have been analyzed, the OCU wanted to point out two models as the best purchase option. Starting with an inexpensive one ( 299 euros ), given the average price of these products, the popular Roomba brand is the undoubted winner and for this reason its models have become so popular until they are recognized as a way of calling robot vacuum cleaners in general. .

Specifically, the iRobot Roomba 896 , this device has a tank capacity of 0.55 liters, detects and brakes in front of stairs and has a function of virtual walls to prevent their passage through where you want. In addition, with voice management, it is one of the models that charges the fastest (in 110 minutes). In contrast, it has a poor ability to remove fibers from a carpet.

On the other hand, the OCU also highlights the Kobold VR300 , owned by Vorwerk (the company that produces the Thermomix). Somewhat more expensive, 899 euros , in its favor is that it is very effective on corners and walls , picks up and cleans on carpets and can be used from a mobile phone. On the other hand, its autonomy is only 44 minutes, it takes 144 minutes to charge, and it does not stand out for its ease of use.

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