These Are The Top Crops And Plants For Windowsill Gardening


Homeowners wanting to spruce up their homes this year are turning to windowsill gardening to ease their way into a greener 2023.

For those needing a helping hand, the gardening experts at have named the best plants and flowers that require little effort for budding horticulturalists to brighten up their indoor spaces.

Windowsill gardening is a great way to kickstart the new year by bringing in greenery and fresh scents around the home without having to spend too much time caring for plants and flowers.

Herbs like basil and parsley, as well as small houseplants such as cacti, are very easy plants for anyone with a windowsill to take care of and grow in their home throughout the year.

Flowers like beautiful purple orchids are also great options to bring some colour around the home, while small veggies such as radish and kale seeds fit perfectly on a sunny windowsill.

A spokesperson for Garden Buildings Direct said: “Growing fresh herbs and veggies or small plants and flowers on a sunny windowsill is perfect for anyone looking to quickly and easily bring some life and colour into their homes.

“Windowsills which are filled with sun for most of the day are perfect for creating a small garden right inside your home. But there are a few things you must remember to do to ensure that your plants and seeds have the best possible chance of blooming all throughout 2023.

“Place a small saucer or tray underneath the plant pots to collect any spilt soil, water or dead leaves and make sure the spot is cleaned regularly so there is always a fresh environment for plants to grow.

“Remember to prune your windowsill plants to make sure that the small containers and trays don’t get overcrowded – as this could ruin or kill them. And importantly, before buying any herbs and potted flowers ensure that the sunny windowsill you have chosen will comfortably fit the pots and trays so there isn’t a chance they could fall off the ledge.”

Here are Garden Buildings Direct’s best windowsill growers for 2023.

1. Herbs

Herbs are a popular choice for windowsill gardeners because they grow well in small spaces all year round. Many types of herbs are good at adjusting to the varying amounts of sunlight, and of course provide a lovely addition to the kitchen with fresh seasoning when cooking.

Basil, chives and parsley are simple to grow in containers straight from seeds, whereas herbs such as rosemary and oregano are easier to grow from a small plant brought from a garden centre.

2. Vegetables

Although some gardening beginners may think it’s difficult to grow veggies right on the windowsill, seeds like kale and radish are perfect for small indoor spaces. Sprinkle kale seeds in a composted tray about two inches deep and cover with a thin layer of soil. Soon the leaves will start to grow and will be ready for eating – best of all kale, will continue to regrow once it’s already been cut back.

Radish seeds are also a good option – sow deep into a composted tray and keep the soil moist and in around a month the radishes will be ready to eat and cook with.

3. Houseplants

Houseplants are perfect for growing on windowsills all over the house as they thrive in sunny spots and are easy to look after. Cacti plants are one of the most popular houseplants as they require very little care. A quick water every few weeks once the soil gets dry and the cacti will grow perfectly on a sunny windowsill.

A Chinese Money Plant (or, Pilea Peperomioides) is another great plant for growing on a windowsill. This plant is perfect for the new year as it is supposed to bring good will and fortune; its beautiful leaves are ideal to bring some greenery into homes and can tolerate bright or low light conditions.

4. Flowers

Flowers too can be grown on any windowsill in the home and will instantly bring some colour into the space. Orchids are a great choice for those new to gardening indoors as they are easy to take care of yet display a wonderful rich purple colour. Lots of other flower varieties will also thrive on a sunny windowsill such as daffodils, geraniums and violets.

For more expert gardening tips to kickstart 2023 as a beginner or experienced horticulturist, head over to

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