How to use the longer and lighter days of Summer to improve your mental health


The longer days and lighter evenings of Summer are well and truly upon us and it’s time to use them to your benefit. Ashley Lourens, Head of Wellbeing and qualified counsellor at Plumm, is keen to share her tips on how to use summer to help support your mental health.

Plumm is a workplace wellbeing solution, partnering with organisations such as Farfetch, Itsu, and DHL. Plumm’s psychologists work closely with employees every day, aiming to improve mental health, workplace confidence and personal development.

How Using Summer Can Aid Mental Health In Your Free Time

With workloads on the rise both professionally and at home, it’s harder than ever for busy people to find time for themselves and achieve the right work-life balance, whilst looking after their mental health. Plumm is ready to help bring calm and balance to your day-to-day life, no matter how busy.

Ashley Lourens, explores how to take advantage of the longer and sunnier days to support your mental health, tips include:

  • Getting outside first thing in the morning
  • Using annual leave for relaxation, not just holiday
  • Prioritising sleep despite the lighter mornings and evenings
  • Exercising outside
  • Practice mindfulness in nature

How You Can Encourage A Healthy Workplace Too

Due to the pandemic business teams have experienced continual change for three years and management have had to adapt too. Managing a team two years ago will likely be very different to your management approach today.

For a happy, healthy, and productive team, Ashley recommends:

  • Promoting a healthy workplace culture: setting boundaries, staying organised, regular breaks, avoiding multi-tasking
  • Learning warning signs for mental health conditions
  • Adding wellbeing to your mental health ‘toolkit’
  • Managing conflict
  • Clear and constructive feedback

It’s time to use Summer to its full potential and make your mental health priority. Plumm’s mission is to make mental wellbeing a reality for every member of the global workforce. With over 200 accredited therapists and specialised coaches, Plumm offers employees evidence-based care in 20 different languages, tailored to their needs while helping companies save money in engagement and healthcare costs.

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