Why are Almonds Good for Weight Loss?


If you are an almond lover, we have good news for you! Do you know that adding almonds to your diet can actually help you shed some kilos? Yes! There are studies that suggest that almonds can be beneficial in supporting weight loss.

Generally, low carb nuts are known to be high in fat & calories and may get avoided in a diet for such reasons. But with almonds, it’s entirely a different story. It is indeed a wonder low carb nut that is rich in copper, magnesium, Vitamin E, fiber and protein.

It is low in calories and can easily fit your diet for weight loss. You also get processed almondswhere they come in different forms: roasted, blanched, sliced, grounded or diced.

Almonds for Hunger Management

Almonds are said to be satiating; they can make you feel full for a long time. This means your hunger is taken care and you are on the right track with your diet plan. Almonds help you in keeping fit & healthy.

Eating almonds in between your meals as a snack can keep you away from eating junk food which is unhealthy. Also, it helps you get the right amount of nutrition alongside making you feel full.

Almonds are Packed with Protein  

Research shows that an ounce of almonds has 6 grams of protein. In general, high protein food is said to be helpful for weight loss. It actually suppresses your appetite and by eating almonds you are less likely to feel hungry. It aids in shedding those extra pounds.

Almonds are Rich in good Fats

Almonds carry a good amount of fiber. Consuming rich food also makes you feel full. In a serving of almonds, there are 3 grams of fiber. Thereby, the fiber in almonds will keep you full for a longer time helping you in eating less.

Almonds are High in Good Fats

An ounce serving of almonds has 15 grams of fat. Though it may sound like a lot, it is mostly unsaturated fat. It is a kind that is beneficial for heart health. As fat gets slowly digested, it can provide energy for a long period of time.

Almonds Provide Good Calories

Being high in calories, almonds can be the best snack as they provide sufficient energy and calories without making you fat. You will so be satiated that you will end up eating less and as a result, you end up losing some kilos.

How to Eat Almonds for Weight Loss?

You can eat almonds as your snack; just carry them in a ziplock and munch whenever you are hungry. Want to know how many almonds to eat per day?

You can eat a handful of almonds to get the important vitamins & minerals that your body needs. Have this on your mind? Are salted almonds good for weight loss? Yes! You can have salted almonds as a part of your diet for weight loss.

You can also consider eating soaked almonds for weight loss. Soaked almonds get digested easily than raw ones. It has good health benefits too. 

Almonds before bed for weightloss is a good idea too! Almonds are said to be a source of melatonin & a sleep-enhancing mineral called magnesium which makes almonds a good choice of food before your bedtime. So if you ever thought almonds – weight loss or weigh gainfood? Then it is definitely a weight-loss-friendly food.

It will be a great treat for your taste buds while you also follow a diet plan for weight loss. You can conveniently choose your favorite. 


1.      How many almonds should you eat a day for weight loss?

 You can have a handful of almonds along with diet-conscious food for your weight loss.

2.       Can almonds help you lose weight?

Almonds being rich in protein can make you feel full so that your intake of any other food will decrease. This way it helps you lose weight.

3.      Can almonds make you fat?

Though Almonds carry good fat, they are known as a weight loss friendly food. So eating almonds will not promote weight gain.

4.      When should I eat almonds for weight loss?

You can have almonds as your snack in between your meals. It will help keep you feeling full.

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