7 Effective Ways to Boost Male Fertility and Increase Sperm Count


After tying the nod with your loved one, you have a happy married life. You enjoy your life. Your life has a toll when both of you (you and your spouse) face issues in your planned parenthood journey. As per your plan, you have frequent unprotected sex at the right time and your female partner tries to conceive. However, you can’t move ahead on the path of your parenthood journey. Both of you visit a fertility clinic in your locality. During the interaction, the specialist asks a few questions and advises you to have some tests. These tests help your doctor know the root cause and determine whether you or your female partner is responsible. 

As per the test results, you (male) or your female partner could have infertility. If it is male infertility, you need to get to the root and treat it with the help of your doctor. You should follow whatever your doctor advises to treat your fertility problems. However, here are some effective ways to boost male fertility and increase sperm count that you can follow:

1. Exercise regularly 

Exercising is crucial for overall health. In addition, exercises help you enhance the testosterone levels that facilitate you in improving your fertility. Some recent studies have disclosed that the males who exercise daily have a higher level of testosterone in comparison with the ones with a normal comfortable life.  

Here you need to keep in mind too much exercising is harmful and may lower your testosterone level. You can take zinc in the right amount to lower the risk of high intensity exercises. For a fertility boost, you should be physically active and include jogging and walking in your daily routine. 

2. Include D-aspartic acid supplements in your diet 

As a type of aspartic acid, this amino acid is available as a dietary supplement. D-aspartic acid (DAA) is primarily available in particular glands like the testicles and sperm cells. Some studies have found that the DAA level is lower in infertile males than fertile males. Intake of DAA supplements might enhance testosterone levels that have a significant role in male fertility. 

A study suggests that the intake of 2.7 grams of DAA supplements for three months might bring a significant increase in testosterone levels. It suggests that the increase may be anything between 30% and 60% and the sperm motility would be around 60 to 100%. 

3. Lower your stress level 

Having a little stress is beneficial in general life and encourages you to do better next time. However, it works as a barrier and starts hampering your normal life when you are stressed a lot. Too much stress may also make you have fertility issues and lower your sexual satisfaction. To lower your stress level, 

  • Thinking about the adverse effects of stress is helpful
  • Practise relaxation techniques and meditate regularly for a certain period

4. Increase your vitamin C intake amount

Most of you would be familiar with the fact that vitamin C is highly helpful in increasing immunity or boosting the immune system. Some scientific studies advise that the intake of antioxidant supplements like vitamin C might help you enhance your fertility. 

Another study conducted on infertile men suggests taking 200-mg vitamin C five times a week for three months may help you recover from your fertility problems. Vitamin C supplements can help you:

  • Increase sperm count and motility 
  • Lower the number of bad/deformed sperm cells  

5. Ensure having enough vitamin D

Vitamin D is crucial for both male and female infertility. It is also a nutrient that can increase testosterone levels that have a direct link with male fertility. A study conducted on vitamin D deficient men shows that people with lower levels of vitamin D may have reduced testosterone levels. In the study, 65 males participated. The study suggests that the intake of 3000 IU of vitamin D supplements a day for one year may increase testosterone level up to 25%. 

6. Opt for fenugreek supplements

Fenugreek is a famous medicinal and culinary herb. One study conducted on 30 men reveals that taking 500 mg fenugreek extract a day for a week may have a noteworthy increase in testosterone levels, fat loss, and strength in comparison with a placebo. 

Another study done on 60 males suggests that the intake of 60 mg Testofen, a supplement formulated using fenugreek seed extract, daily for six weeks is highly beneficial. It might increase libido, strength, and sexual performance. One more study conducted on 120 men has the same outcomes and proves the benefit of fenugreek in sexual health. 

7. Think of consuming ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an Indian medicinal herb that has been in use since ancient times or the beginning of human civilization. Numerous Indian and scientific studies suggest that the consumption of ashwagandha in the right amount might enhance testosterone levels. Sound testosterone levels have a direct link to male fertility. 

A study advises taking 675 mg of ashwagandha root extract a day for three months will bring a significant improvement in male fertility. As per the results, it may increase sperm count up to 160%  and sperm motility may be 53% higher in comparison with the earlier level. 

Take Away 

Several things such as libido, sperm count, testosterone levels, sperm motility, and erectile dysfunction cause a male to have infertility. Treatments are available to treat male infertility. However, food items, vitamin C & D, zinc supplements, exercises, fenugreek, stress reduction, etc. can help a male to increase his fertility naturally. As an infertile man, you can try the mentioned steps. However, consultation with a respective doctor will be more beneficial for you.

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