What Main Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Gym Mats for Commercial Purposes?


Having appropriate fitness equipment is required in order to enhance the performance of your members is one significant aspect of running a gym successfully. The other key aspect is to have excellent gym flooring. This question may arise in your mind before you purchase a Gym Mats for commercial purposes. In case, if you do not have proper flooring then it can lead to injuries and slips. In certain circumstances, it can damage your fitness equipment and many people tend to drop equipment on the floor after an excessive workout.

Moreover, before purchasing a Gym Mats it must be clearly known to you that it has offered your gym a clean polishing look and thereby makes sure your gym is aesthetically pleasing. So, let us have a look into the key factors which you are required to know about before you opt for gym flooring within your commercial establishment.

Some of the significant points to know before buying a Gym Mats and this has been vividly described below:-

  1. Material: There are two eminent types of gym flooring used in most commercial gyms.
  • PVC flooring: When you are buying a Gym Mats for commercial reasons, then you must know that PVC flooring is long-lasting and are even easier to maintain. Besides, they are mildew, mold, and moisture resistant. They have also provided exceptional force reduction and are considered perfect for activities like aerobic exercises and Zumba.
  • Rubber flooring: The mats of rubber flooring are tough and are capable enough to tolerate the impact caused by heavyweight and high foot traffic. Further, they have prevented slippage, offered stability, and thereby provided excellent cushioning to the gym equipment. It is vital that these rubber-based floorings are laid professionally and get easily fastened to the floor.
  1. Visual impact: You are required to ensure that your members and potential customers feel comfortable every time they decide to walk into the gym. On account of attractive flooring, makes the appearance of your gym look vivacious and welcoming. They enable you to create an impression in the mind of customers and make your members feel good while they are working out.

You must therefore opt for stunning and vibrant colors that easily contribute to the mindset of your members or customers and before that, you must blend with your gym’s theme and logo to drive the attention of new customers and make a successful gym business by earning a huge amount of profitability.

  1. Thickness: Gym flooring has been made available in various thickness options. In other words, the thicker would be flooring, the stronger and tougher it would be to absorb or retain impacts from heavy workouts. You must keep in your mind that the thickness of the flooring depends primarily on the area of application.

Below has been provided a rough sign of thickness which you must definitely opt for and thereby depends on the interior spaces of your commercial gym.

  • Rack space: 40mm
  • Weightlifting space: 40mm
  • Dumbell/Barbell space: 15mm
  • Cross-training: 25mm
  • Cardio space: 6-12mm
  • Yoga or Aerobic space: 3mm
  • Functional training: 10mm
  • Rig space: 25mm

On the basis of the internal space of your gym, you can easily opt for rubber flooring for heavy workouts and PVC flooring for aerobic and lightweight workouts.

  1. Vibration and noise reduction: If your gym has been located in commercial or residential areas, then you must consider buying vibration and noise-reducing flooring. However, heavyweights and energetic working out routines might produce loud perturbation and divert the attention of people who are working out. If you want to have a successful gym for commercial reasons, then you must definitely opt for durable based rubber tiles. They are tougher and are capable enough to retain vibration and noise that usually comes from outside or inside the gym.

Key points to be taken away: With regard to Gym Mats, we have tried our level best to provide you with standard quality gym flooring services before you opt to enter the fitness world. We have even catered commercial gym flooring solutions to commercial gyms so that more members and customers come and join the gym to get a perfect shape and fitness. Still, if there is any query feel free to connect with us.

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