Virtual Reality Application for Neurological Disease


The disease that affects the central and peripheral nervous system is known as Neurological disorders. In layman language, it is very much connected to the brain and its functions.

It consists of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, nerve roots, neuromuscular junction, cranial nerves, autonomic nervous system, and muscles. A patient may experience symptoms like:

  • Paralysis,
  • Muscle weakness,
  • Poor coordination and Loss of sensation,
  • Seizures
  • Pain and Difficulty in memorising things
  • Severe Headache
  • Loss of sight, difficulty in focus and confusion

Few Neurological disorders are epilepsy, Alzheimer disease and other dementias, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Bell’s palsy, and Parkinson’s disease.

Although, it is hard to determine the exact reason behind it, genetic disorders, congenital abnormalities or disorders, infections, lifestyle, malnutrition, any sort of brain, nerve or spinal cord injury or can be blamed for this disease. 

  • More than a 50million people are affected by Dementia, Worldwide.
  • More than 10million people have Parkinson’s disease, globally.
  • According to the World health organization, every fourth person is affected with a neurological or mental disorder.

Virtual Reality in the Healthcare sector

  • In 2020, Virtual reality in the healthcare market was estimated at USD 2.076 Billion and expected to reach USD 42.84 billion in 2028, at the 39.98% of CAGR for 2021-2028

Virtual reality (VR) has gained popularity in recent years as a useful tool for evaluation, cognitive study, spinal cord injury rehabilitation, and many other rehabs in recent time. It was introduced to the world in the late 90s. It was firstly used for PTSD and phobia disorder, in combat soldiers.

Virtual Reality for Neurological Disease

People who have been diagnosed with neurological illnesses may have trouble moving different parts of their bodies. Rehabilitation is a dynamic tool that helps the person to achieve physical, emotional, social and psychological potential through assistance. It also helps to cope up with Neurological Disorders. 

Virtual reality can be used for both surgical and nor surgical, types of rehabilitation. VR rehabilitation programs are designed with a motto to restore patient’s independence and increase active participation.

VR headsets therapies are customised programs that are made on the basis of needs of the patient. These programs are very helpful in

  • Physical independence: It allow patient to work on own and feel more independent. 
  • Mobility: Patient can move around with less assistance  
  • Socializing: It helps to reduce anxiety and phobia and help to socialize more post-surgery. 
  • Psychological Support: Healing is a lengthy process and it not only requires physical efforts but also emotional support. VR facilitates emotional support as well. 

Benefits of VR Rehabilitation

  • VR involve no risk as it works in a controlled and safe environment. That enhances the experience and reduces the risk with therapy.
  • It is an effective method of pain management.
  • VR is also helpful in post-surgery psychological therapy.
  • This is the best simulation exercise to create a realistic scenario. 
  • Patient can do it remotely. No need for a regular visit to therapist.
  • Help to simply the complex cases and situations.


  • The Global Market for neurology was valued at USD 33.3billion in 2019, and expected to grow to USD 39.4 Billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 3.5% from 2019-2024.

Virtual Reality (VR) has to change medical practices drastically.  It is not only changing the medical experience but also improve the perception of the healthcare sector.

Cognihab’s rehabilitation suites are designed to make life easier for neurological patients. We also offer Vision therapy, rehabilitation suite for autism or cerebral palsy, anxiety reduction suits. 

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