OCU Warns About Butter As A Recommended Dairy


Dairy products contain interesting nutritional properties and stand out, above all, for their contribution of calcium and protein. Therefore, one of the dietary recommendations in our diet is to consume a daily portion of dairy, that is, milk, yogurt or cheese. But, is any product that contains milk worth it? What about butter?

As the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) emphasizes , butter at breakfast or snack “is not a recommended dairy ration”. Although this food is made from cream (milk fat), its consumption should be occasional and in low quantities.

What are the recommended dairy products?
Butter is a food “whose nutritional interest lies in its content in fat and fat-soluble vitamins (mainly A and D),” the organization details. It is not part of the same category as the rest of dairy products and it is an animal fat whose intake should be occasional.

For OCU , a serving of dairy is:

A 250 ml glass of milk.
Two yogurts (250 g in total).
A portion of fresh cheese.
Three tablespoons of grated cheese.
30 to 40 g of hard or aged cheese or blue cheese.
40 to 60 g of white rind soft cheese.

“In their eagerness to give a healthier image to their products, manufacturers no longer only limit themselves to adding functional ingredients, but also make nutritional recommendations that are not true,” denounces the OCU. Therefore, at the nutritional level, its consumption “must adhere to the recommendations for fats” , they clarify.

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