Using Latex Condoms, Cotton Underwear, And Other Ways To Prevent Vaginitis


It is known as vaginitis inflammation of the vagina because of a change in the normal balance of bacteria that can cause pain, itching and bleeding.

There are several types of vaginitis, the most common being bacterial vaginosis , which is caused by a change in the bacteria in the vagina and which can cause overgrowth of other organs, vaginal yeast infection, caused by the fungus Candida albicans, and trichomoniasis , which is sexually transmitted and caused by a parasite.

Common symptoms are usually a change in the color and odor of vaginal discharge , pain when urinating or having sex, itching or stinging, vaginal irritation, or minor bleeding .

Vaginal yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted infection (STI).
The personal hygiene is essential to prevent this infection although other prevention methods such as avoiding baths and jacuzzis, always wipe from front to back to going to the bathroom to avoid spreading fecal bacteria, and avoid anything that irritates us as deodorants, tampons, , scented soaps or vaginal washes.

Using cotton underwear and latex condoms for sex are other ways to prevent vaginitis.

Existen factores de riesgo que pueden influir a la hora de desarrollar vaginismo, como cambios hormonales, la actividad sexual, consumir antibióticos o esteroides, diabetes, ropa interior húmeda y ajustada, llevar un DIU o productos de higiene como baños de burbujas, aerosoles o desodorantes.

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