JentonDimaco launches remote, real-time Veri-VIEW at PPMA Total 2022 Stand A42


Underpinning its commitment to help food manufacturers reduce waste and avoid unnecessary emergency product withdrawals (EPWs), at PPMA Total 2022 JentonDimaco – part of the Jenton Group – will unveil its newest food label verification innovation, Veri-VIEW (Stand A42).

After biological contamination, label related defects are cited as the second most common cause behind costly and brand-damaging product withdrawals and retailer returns. Typical errors include incorrect use-by dates, missing allergen, country of origin or cooking time information, illegible barcodes, special promotions, or mis-aligned and crumpled labels. Many of which can be attributed to printing faults or human errors. And all of which are entirely preventable with the use of automated label verification technology.

Speed of response is critical. To support this, JentonDimaco has engineered a new software providing an instant overview of label integrity. 

Demonstrated alongside JentonDimaco’s extensive online and offline label verification systems, Veri-VIEW offers real-time viewing of all the data generated by every Veri-PACK system on the factory floor, from one convenient central display.  Presenting the current status and KPIs, Veri-VIEW gives lineside QA managers all of the data needed to constantly stay on top of all labelling issues. Closing the data, audit and supply chain traceability loop.

Managing Director Dr Russell Sion explains: “JentonDimaco label verification systems are an efficient way to authenticate all aspects of data and artwork on retail labels including price, barcodes, use-by dates and artwork revisions. All of this data is verified against a master specification held on the JentonDimaco Veri-CENTRAL server, which sources data from each food manufacturer’s MRP server or production spreadsheets. This automated alignment of data significantly mitigates the risk of human errors, most of which occur in fast paced food processing and packaging environments due to operative fatigue and when variable and non-variable data doesn’t match up.” 

Applying JentonDimaco’s advanced optical character recognition (OCR) software, Veri-PACK units can scan up to 200 pack labels per minute, triple the speed and more reliably than the human eye. Additionally, the technology can simultaneously inspect characters, 1D and 2D barcodes, data-embedded barcodes, numbers, RFID and LFC tags, plus much more. Always verifying against the very latest data.

Available as off-line sampling stations, online systems integrated into other packaging machines or as independent conveyorised units with reject devices, rather than random samples, a Veri-PACK unit inspects the label on every pack. Providing food processors with 100 percent assurance that every pack meets the labelling criteria. This also reduces the volume of false rejects and consequently preventable food manufacturing waste.

All verification data including images and statistical data from every Veri-PACK is securely stored on Veri-CENTRAL for future reporting and auditing. The addition of Veri-VIEW software completes the cycle, enabling production and QA personnel to see what’s happening in real time without having to log in to the system.

Lastly, if a supermarket makes a label adjustment during the production run, for example to a price, the JentonDimaco Veri-CENTRAL server will pick this up instantly. This information is then automatically relayed to every Veri-PACK labelling system within seconds and the action taken documented on Veri-VIEW.

To find out more, visit JentonDimaco at PPMA Total 2022, Stand A42.

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