Record numbers of Brits to get grilling over the Platinum Jubilee weekend


A staggering 36 million Brits will be hosting or attending a barbecue with friends, family and neighbours to mark the Queen’s 70-year milestone this extended bank holiday weekend, according to new research commissioned by digital thermometer brand Thermapen.

The research also revealed that 51% of Brits say that knowing their food is perfectly cooked is key to having the ultimate barbecue. However, 1 in 10 Brits say they like barbecuing but tend to overcook or burn the food.

Jason Webb, Managing Director of Electronic Temperature Instruments, makers of Thermapen, said: “Whether you’re flash-grilling steaks or slow-roasting a whole shoulder of pork, barbecuing and resting meat so that it reaches its optimal temperature means you’ll get maximum enjoyment and value from your food.

Cooking by time, sight or touch is unreliable and inaccurate, particularly for amateur chefs. Using temperature to determine if your food is done will produce perfect results every time, reduce the risk of food poisoning, and prevent it from being under or overcooked.”

To get into the Platinum Jubilee spirit and provide barbecue inspiration for the special weekend, which runs from Thursday 02 to Sunday 05 June, Thermapen has teamed up with master griller and YouTuber Dan Whittaker, AKA The Smokin’ Elk, who cooks dishes from all around the world in his impressive back garden shack.

Whittaker said: “British cooking has always been a melting pot of global cuisines, and the research shows that 62% of us think that the best way to experience different cultures is via food. So, what better way to honour the Queen, who’s Head of the Commonwealth, than by cooking something delicious from another part of the world?

“Whether you opt for Jamaican jerk chicken or a traditional South African Boerwors sausage, to make sure the celebration leaves everyone with a good feeling in their stomach it’s important to use temperature rather than time as a guide.”

The top foods Brits’ have at barbecues are sausages (70%), marinated chicken (54%), and homemade burgers (54%). Webb explained: “Each of these are temperature critical choices, especially if you’re buying mince to make your own burgers – they need to be thoroughly cooked.” 

To find out the perfect temperature to cook different foods and for more information on the Thermapen, visit

For recipe ideas from The Smokin’ Elk using the Thermapen, go to

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