Sizzle this summer with Farm Wilder’s new sustainable, healthy barbecue range 


With barbecue season calling, a new range of meat from Farm Wilder means you can now sizzle the summer away knowing that with every mouthful you are helping rare wildlife – the cuckoo, butterflies, orchids, moths, bees and dragonflies – to thrive, and pastures and woodlands to flourish. What’s more, each meat package is labelled, so you know exactly where and how the animal has been reared.

New this season to the Farm Wilder range are:

Pasture Fed Beef Koftas – made with finely minced pasture fed beef (3 x 80g £3.95)

Pasture Fed Beef Kebabs – coated in a balanced sticky maple marinade (3 x 115g £6.50)

Pasture Fed Lamb and Mint Burger – made with finely minced lamb and combined with succulent mint (4 x 140g £8.40)

Pasture fed lamb neck fillets – not a fashionable choice but a firm favourite with a loose texture and incredibly rich flavour (pack of 2 550g £11.55)

Wilder Chickens Eights – the whole chicken is cut into eight portions, 2 drum sticks, 2 thighs, 2 breasts and 2 wing, using the whole chicken (1.6kg – 2kg £15.90)

Wilder Venison Loin Steak – rich, lean and full of exquisite wild flavour (1 x 170g £6.50)

Farm Wilder is a non-profit organisation promoting nature friendly farming. It supplies meat boxes direct to your door via its ecommerce site at from farms in Dartmoor, south Devon and east Cornwall.

The entire range is reared by farmers who use regenerative farming practices that improve sustainability across the whole farm, restoring soil health, increasing soil carbon, reducing soil pollution, and making the land more resilient to climate change.

The animals are all grass-fed which means they live outside and are not fed any imported grains This ensure the flavours are incredible – succulent, tender and oozing with the most mouth-watering taste.

The beef comes from farms that are conserving and restoring old and wildly diverse pastures that support much of our rarest and most endanger wildlife, lamb comes from regenerative farms that are encouraging wildlife to thrive with wildflower restoration, introducing agroforestry, plating hedgerows and sowing herbal lays. Wilder chicken is slowly grown in acres of space foraging on diverse crops, and Wilder Venison is free roaming from Forestry England sites.

To find out more about Farm Wilder meat, and Farm Wilder farmers please visit

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