Raw Coffee Beans: An Overview


Coffee is one of the most preferred and consumed beverages worldwide. Irrespective of the origin or culture, coffee is savored and enjoyed by billions thus adding to its global popularity. The market for coffee is expansive and growing with high money-making opportunities. If you are one of those willing to enter the coffee industry, there are certain things you must know.

A majority of the coffee consumers are very particular about their coffee preferences in terms of taste and consistency. Therefore, as a coffee supplier or café owner, you have to keep a variety of options to cater to the wide-ranging preferences of regular coffee consumers. The quality of the coffee drink is highly dependent on factors like origin, type, and brewing of the beans. Hence, it is necessary to be mindful while choosing the raw coffee beans for sale. Although quality and pricing are interrelated, the flavor and aroma of coffee should be maintained to ensure a profitable business in the long run.

Raw coffee beans: Available options

For the unversed, a majority portion of the coffee consumed globally comes from two major species of beans i.e. Arabica and Robusta.

  • Arabica: This coffee is the dominant bean type accounting for 75% of the global supply. It has a superior aroma popularly known for its smooth and slightly acidic taste. Grown in high-altitude areas, this coffee is sweeter as compared to other beans.
  • Robusta: Accounting for 25% of the global supply, these coffee beans are grown in low-altitude areas and are popular for their strong aroma and bitter taste. Robusta coffee has more caffeine content as compared to Arabica coffee beans and is ideal for espresso drinks.

Coffee type: Commercial vs Specialty

Another important aspect to consider while buying raw coffee beans for sale is the coffee type i.e. commercial or specialty. Being in the coffee business, you need to assess the preferences of your regular customers to stock adequate coffee beans. The type of coffee beans highly alters the pricing and taste of the beverage.

  • Commercial: As the name suggests, commercial coffee beans are mass-produced and sold at cheaper rates. This is majorly used in making everyday coffee drinks that are reasonably priced.
  • Specialty: As the name suggests, specialty coffee beans are available in a variety of options each having a distinct origin, growing process & technique, brewing & roasting method, etc. These coffee beans are premium priced and used for making specialty coffee drinks.

Key to buying raw coffee beans

As a newbie to the coffee business, it might get confusing while buying the ideal coffee beans. While there are numerous coffee bean sellers in the market, choosing the ideal seller is important. These sellers offer a variety of raw coffee beans for sale but not all are authentic. Following are some of the key considerations that will assist you in selecting the perfect coffee bean supplier:

  • Industry experience

Industry experience should be the prime consideration while buying anything from a business. An experienced supplier is more likely to offer a variety and fine quality beans. The more they have been in the industry the better their collection will be. Buying from an experienced seller will assure consistent supply and quality.

  • Check the coffee type

As discussed above, there are two broad categories of coffee bean that is consumed globally. Both the coffee types have distinct taste and consistency and thus yielding different taste profiles. Asses the preference of the regular consumers at your café and buy coffee beans accordingly.

  • Packaging quality

Packaging plays an important role in the coffee business. It is important to ensure that the coffee beans are well-packed to keep the flavors and aroma intact. Using poor quality packaging will expose the coffee to air and moisture thus degrading its quality. Therefore, buy from sellers that offer good quality packaging.

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