Food Experts Calculate The Percentage Of Air In A Bag Of Potato Chips


One of the most common frustrations that almost all of us have when we open a bag of potato chips is the amount of air that there is compared to that of potatoes.

In a video from the canar Food Insider , American Joe Avella and Britain’s Harry Kersh analyze bags of potatoes, from the calories to the portion sizes in a packet of potato chips, comparing the offerings on both sides of the puddle.

Thus, the video answers questions such as exactly how many chips we get in a standard 25g bag of chips. Although they all vary in different shapes and sizes, and some are very small , there are 22 fries inside each standard 25g package.

In the United States things are worse: a 28 gram package of Lay’s will contain only 15 fries, and in both cases, the bags contain a good amount of air.

To check how much air is in the bags, both Harry and Joe crush their potato chip bags into powder and then measure the volume of that powder in a jar. For the UK packet of potato chips, the crushed powder reaches 60ml, and the US packet produces 65ml of potato chips.

They then both calculate the volume of the bag itself, so they fill the bag with water and then measure that amount into the jug. Harry continues: “According to , 90% of a 25g Walkers brand bag is wasted space.”

Surprisingly, according to the tests carried out by youtubers , there is a quantity of 60 ml of chips and a quantity of 595 ml of air, which confirms 90% of the wasted space.

For US Lay’s, the calculation returns 65 ml of chips and 480 ml of air, which means that a total of 88% of the bag is wasted space.

According to Joe Avella, the air is there for a very good reason, despite the anger of many customers: “It helps preserve the chips and acts as a cushion to prevent them from breaking during transport. As much air as is in there, it’s actually vitally important. “

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