Chuga Soju Hits Singapore Shores for a Playfully Refreshing Take on The Well-Loved Korean Beverage


  • Made from apple and sugarcane distilled spirits for a naturally sweet aroma
  • Filtered with activated charcoal & sedimentary rock for an extra smooth finish
  • The first to bring lychee and watermelon flavoured soju to Singapore
  • Chuga Soju is the perfect icebreaker, party-starter and companion with meals and conversations for all occasions. Made in Korea, made for good times.

The phenomenal global growth of the Korean Wave (Hallyu) encompassing everything from music, movies, games and cuisine has brought with it a thirst for Korean culture, and contributed to the rising popularity of soju, the national drink of Korea. A neutral spirit likened to vodka in texture and taste (but slightly sweeter) amassed global demand due to it’s easy to drink nature. Chuga Soju provides a twist to the well-loved spirit with the official launch of a range of their Original soju and  fruit flavoured sojus – Apple, Muscat Grape, Honeydew, Peach, Watermelon and Lychee in Singapore. Chuga Soju strives to challenge conventions of traditional soju making and celebrate soju enjoyment for the everyday in an #playfullyrefreshing manner.

New, Unique, and Exciting Flavours

Chuga means “to add or another round (when ordering food or drinks)” in Korean, aptly named by the distillery to describe the yearn for more after enjoying sips of Chuga soju. What makes Chuga soju enjoyable for casual drinkers and connoisseurs is its versatility in the way it is enjoyed – soju neat, mixed with beer (somaek), highball cocktails (soju, soda water and fruits), traditional cocktail recipes (replacing the base spirit) and even with ice-cream, desserts and bubble tea! The Original flavour presents a reimagined take on traditional sojus with its uniquely smooth texture, hints of apple aroma and refreshingly cooling finish. For the aromatic, fruit-forward flavour range the Muscat Grape yields a sweet and light and floral fragrance that pairs well with beer, Sprite or club soda. For those who prefer a sweet, juicy flavour with a little acidity, the Peach flavour can be mixed into cocktails or in a Peach Cobbler dessert for a boozy, sweet ending to any meal. Chuga Soju is the first to introduce the Watermelon and Lychee flavour in Singapore. As one of the brand’s signature flavours, Watermelon flavoured soju is perfect to drink chilled as a shot or mixed in with clear fizzy soft drinks. The Lychee flavour prides itself as a light yet flavourful “lychee martini in a bottle”, and best served chilled – but also pairs well with traditional cocktail recipes, beers, or even in jellies and dessert. Chuga brings a distinct soju experience of smoothness, playfully refreshing flavours and versatility in how one can enjoy soju.

Manufacturing Process

Soju has a rich history starting with the Korean War-era in the ’50s, where rice-based alcoholic beverages were banned due to rice shortages. Soju survived because it was adapted to the times. Due to this ban, distilleries began to use non-traditional ingredients like sweet potato to produce soju. After the restriction was lifted in 1999, some re-incorporated rice, but many continued to use alternative ingredients. Chuga Soju uses apple and sugarcane distilled spirits for a more aromatic flavour profile, with apples sourced in Uiseong, North Gyeongsang province in South Korea, which is one of the best apple-growing regions in Korea due to its excellent precipitation, climate, and natural environment. Activatedcharcoal treatment and sedimentary rock filtration results in a smooth and clean taste.

The Perfect, Versatile Drink for Everyone, Anytime Anywhere

Chuga Soju stands out as being easy on the palate, aromatic and delicately balanced in flavour and sweetness. As a brand, Chuga seeks to bring people together by celebrating the love for soju in exciting and creative ways for all occasions. Chuga also collaborates with Singapore’s favourite bars to create unconventional soju cocktails such as soju martinis, alcoholic bubble teas, soju popsicle cocktails and more!

Chuga Soju is the perfect ice-breaker, party-starter and companion with your favourite meals and conversations for all occasions. Made in Korea, made for good times.

Chuga Soju is available on Redmart, Shopee Supermarket, Amazon Fresh, Pandamart, Grabmart, Cold Storage, 7-11 stores and at many other shops, bars and restaurants islandwide.

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