All About Plastic Fundraising Cards


Plastic fundraising cards are very common and useful for non-profit organizations, schools, sports teams, and church groups to raise money. Fundraising cards and discount cards immensely help the challenging game of fundraising. Fundraising cards can be used to promote the local business as it also benefits the card purchaser. The cards contain discount plans and offers which are applicable to the issuer’s business. It is sold to the masses for a profit. When people purchase it, they could save money while buying goods or availing services while using the card. Ultimately funds are raised which promotes business and it’s a win-win transaction for both parties.

The large profit margins and the ongoing trend of discount cards make plastic fundraising cards an easy tool to secure profits. Some of the most popular fundraising cards you’ll see in play are:

1. Pizza fundraising cards:

Who doesn’t like pizza? Pizza fundraising can get you a free pizza or a slashed price on your purchases in your favorite pizza joint. The pizza joints structure different plans; for example, their offer may exist for a certain period or they may offer a certain number of free pizzas.

2. Fast-food discount cards

Popular fast-food chains like Subway, Burger King, McDonald’s, and KFC also participate in fundraising programs on their franchise owner’s wishes. The merchant agreement needs to be signed by the manager or franchise owner.

For example, Subway may offer a free beverage with each sub for up to a certain number of visits. Or, KFC may offer free side items with their bucket during a year or six months.

3. Gold fundraiser cards

A Gold fundraising card mostly contains more than one offer from a group of gold merchants belonging to a particular city or area. The fundraising initiator may get in touch with about 10-12 stores, know the details of their offer, and feature that on plastic fundraising cards.

Typical deals one can get from a gold fundraising card are oil change discounts, dry cleaning, complimentary dish offers from restaurants, movie tickets, or bowling passes.

The front side of such cards has the fundraiser’s logo and a motivational message while the back contains important details of the offers. Although making fundraising cards needs significant effort, the card carries a sense of community.

Now, what are the advantages of going plastic?

Plastic is widely used for various purposes, from the tiniest plastic toys to large water tanks. The advantages of using plastic to make fundraising cards are:

1. The customizability

Plastic is resilient yet pliable due to which it is readily customizable. You can make your plastic fundraising cards into the dimension of your choice. You can choose whatever size, shape, and thickness you need. High-quality paper cards can also be used, but you won’t get the same durability and appeal of a plastic fundraising card.

2. Waterproof

A typical fundraising card goes through several hands before being handed over to consumers. After printing the card, it is sent to the featuring brands for approval. To withstand the bends and tears, it must be durable and waterproof so that it’s still in good condition when it reaches a consumer.

3. Proper disposal could make the use of plastic safe

It’s true that plastic itself isn’t biodegradable but smart use from our side could make the whole transaction absolutely safe. It might take decades for the soil to break down PVC while it’s another story for plastic. For instance, who in their right minds would throw away a card containing attractive discounts on its back? Even the owner of the card fails to use it, chances are that they would just give it to someone near and dear. The enacting merchants should collect the card after all of the discounts are availed by the customer. This way, the plastic does not end up in a garbage bag. How a non-biodegradable object like plastic is handled could make all the difference.

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