Continuing General Education Contractors in Georgia


Before bidding for a contract or selling any construction project, contractors are required to have a valid license in Georgia. In order for a contractor to obtain such a license, he needs to be trained and pass the test thereafter.

Ordinary contractors are not exempt from this rule as they are required to pass Business and Law exams. RocketCert offers advanced Georgia Contractor Continuing Education packages to ensure that contractors who come to us have easy access to their licenses and during renewal.

After two years, licenses expire and contractors are authorized to study for eight hours. We have taken the time to integrate license renewal requirements and present them in accompanying formats. Contractors can access equipment on their devices remotely, add hours to their profile and obtain their licenses renewed.

⚫ Continuing Education for General Contractors

Select Collaborate with RockCert for your further education to obtain a standard contract license. We offer the best test package, ensuring you pass your exam on the first try. Alternatively, our no pass and pays policy is available in this package. You can be proud of our services in your journey to renew your license.

⚫ Scope of Work Under the General Contractor License

Contractors with this license are limited to the type of projects they can undertake due to financial constraints. However, they can take a low voltage contract, electricity, plumbing, utilities, and a conditioned air contract. Whenever they successfully bid for a project, they are legally authorized to complete their work. They can operate in private, public, industrial, and institutional buildings under the clear ownership agreement.

Requirements for Obtaining a General Contractor License

Conduct and pass business and legal exams as approved by the state of Georgia

Prove a 1 year experience for masters in construction, engineering, and construction management

Prove four years of work experience if you do not have a bachelor’s degree

All applicants must submit a project that had a management role from start to finish and must be within 5 years. Posting should be to support your working information.

Applications must receive a loan of a minimum of $ 500,000 per project and must be signed and approved.

Scope of the General Contractor Licensing TestTom Questionnaire: 115 Minimum Points: 81Time: 330 minutes

Integrated Topics: Site construction, electrical systems, plumbing systems, construction, Wood, Concrete, Metals, Windows, Glazing, purchasing, doors, moisture protection, and contract requirements.

Business Law and Law Exam Open book Duration: 120 minutes Total questions: 50P passing mark: 35 relevant questions

Covered Topics: Labor Laws, Legal Law, Business Organization, Financial Management, Bidding & Rates, Taw Law, Risk Management, and Environmental Safety.

⚫ Tips for Passing the Test

Passing a test for standard contractors requires adequate preparation. We provide you with the necessary open source and access to our collection of references approved by the Georgia state.

During testing, however, you may not be able to access our online courses. Exam preparation for the study included reading the syllabus, Maths, and Guides covering key topics as stated, imitating tests, and unlimited practice questions and attempts.

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