Why Is It Important To Create An Account Before You Join Wikipedia?


One thing that we get to see about every single day is Wikipedia. Wikipedia used to be a fact collecting online website. It was considered to be an online encyclopedia that covers almost everything present in the world. But now Wikipedia is onto defying the boundaries of it. Wikipedia is everything else than just an information website.

The reputation and success of Wikipedia have resulted in its changing roles of it. Today we can see Wikipedia being used as a marketing tool to people’s favorite and first choice. To keep up with the changing time’s users also have to evolve over the period time.

Now the users are required to create an account before joining Wikipedia. It is not just a suggestion but important. Let’s look further to know why it is important to create an account before you join Wikipedia.

10 Reasons To Create An Wikipedia Account

As mentioned before, in modern times, users are needed to create a Wikipedia account before joining Wikipedia as an editor. Here are the reasons and perks that can lure you into creating one for yourself today only. To create Wikipedia page one can also take Wikipedia page creation service or Wikipedia profile creation service.

1.   Essential

Rather than an option or choice, making a Wikipedia account is almost essential and necessary. There are different things that you get to access only if you own an account. These things are going to be discussed in detail further. Owning a Wikipedia account is essential for your online reputation as well.

2.   No Spam

As you may know, unregistered users or editors and the articles written by them are prone to get flagged for deletion. Suppose you want to avoid the journey to spam, you might want to create a Wikipedia account. Creating an account might also get you some degree of authority and experience as an editor after a while.

3.   To Secure Transparency

Let us tell you one thing in case you didn’t know. If you are an unregistered user or editor on Wikipedia, every time you publish an article, your IP address gets published as your account name. For obvious reasons, you wouldn’t want to give out your IP address on such a global website. In order to secure your transparency, you can create an account before you publish an article.

4.   Account Name = Business Name

In continuation to the previous point, you can create an account and name it after your business. That way, your business can also benefit from the articles you publish. Your Wikipedia account will be able to build and develop a digital image for your business.

5.   Access To Protected Pages

Just like some luxuries, you get to lavish on certain things only if you are a member. Similar is the case with Wikipedia. If you own an account on Wikipedia, you can get access to the protected pages. The unregistered users can’t edit such protected pages but only a Wikipedia account holder.

6.   Security And Control

We can’t stress enough the security and control that comes with a Wikipedia account. As we said, earlier unregistered users are often flagged for deletion but not the account holders. Wikipedia account holders get to keep control of their accounts on certain levels where the unregistered users can’t.

7.   Track Changes On Your Page

Wikipedia account holders get to track the changes on their page. They get notified first hand if there is any flag or editing going on the articles they publish. They get to keep a record of the success of their article as well. The citation and links can also be tracked down if you have an account.

8.   Access Control

As we said earlier, the users and editors that own an account on Wikipedia get lavish perks. One of the perks is that they get access control. The editors get to choose and keep the people out that are causing harm out of nowhere. The registered users can access the control features of their account at any time they want.

9.   Prestige

Prestige is the one thing the Wikipedia writers and editors are usually after. A registered writer and editor pass through the auto-confirmation phase faster than others. Autoconfirmed writers get to write peacefully. These writers have multiple options open to them while publishing as well.

10. Skilled Editor

At the end, what pays you in return are your skills. You couldn’t even think that the Wikipedia account is something that can help you with the skills as well. The writer on Wikipedia earns the experience through editing multiple articles. The process of editing gets simpler when you own a Wikipedia account. In order to be a certified editor on Wikipedia, you need to be an autoconfirmed writer first.


To conclude, we are now aware of why as a user and editors we need to create a Wikipedia account before joining Wikipedia. Along with the account, we get to enjoy various perks and benefits of owning an account.

Along with the perks and benefits, we get to keep a check on our security. As much as digital platforms are easy to access, they are equally easy to abuse. To keep us from any scandal or hack situation, a Wikipedia account is a must.

There is nothing that you can miss out on if you have a Wikipedia account. But in contrast to that, there are surely a lot of things that only an account holder gets to access. So hurry up and create a Wikipedia account for yourself too. You can check and add the perks to the list. To create a Wikipedia account before you join Wikipedia.

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