7 Things to Consider While Hiring a Moving Company in the US


Although shifting to a new place brings in a lot of excitement, it is hard to deny that the entire process is immensely stressful and time-consuming. It involves packing, unpacking, and rearranging which is why you cannot expect the process to be a smooth one. For this reason, hiring reliable movers in NJ or NYC is a must.

Moving companies can considerably reduce the hassles of shifting and make the process much easier. However, just like any other service, you should be aware of every step in the moving process. This will help you to hire an ideal team based on your moving needs and budget.

So, are you wondering how to hire the right moving company? Not anymore! This guide outlines some essential tips to consider while hiring a moving company.

  • Your Moving Budget

Budget is the first thing that you should consider while hiring a moving company in NJ. The moving costs typically depend upon various factors such as the size of your old and new house, the number of electrical appliances, the requirement of expert help, etc.

Therefore, always make sure to ask for moving quotes in NYC to check if the moving costs match your budget. This will also help you to know the tasks included in the package as well as any extra costs charged.

  • Estimates Given

A reputable and trusted moving company will check all your belongings thoroughly. They will visit your home or arrange a virtual survey to determine the bulk and weight of your household stuff. Once they have the information in place, they will provide you with the cost estimates.

Just make sure that the estimator checks all your storage spaces such as drawers, cupboards, bookcases, garages, and other spaces. This is essential because a large component of the price estimate provided by the movers in NJ is based on the weight of your household stuff and the space your goods take up in the moving truck. Check out the estimate carefully and see if it is accurate.

  • Never Pay Large Advances

Please note that reliable movers will never demand cash or large deposits before moving. They take the payment only after the entire moving process is completed. So, if you pay a huge amount in advance, you are likely to have no control over when you will see your belongings again.

So, it’s always better to avoid paying large advances. In case you need to pay any advance deposit, remember to use your credit card for the transaction. This will protect you from all possible fraudulent activities.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Packing Costs

Usually, movers in NJ or NYC do not take charge of any damage caused to the items if you pack your belongings on your own. However, if you hire a moving company and get the packing done by them then you may need to pay inflated prices for the boxes and the packing materials along with time and labor costs included in the moving quotes in NYC or NJ.

Therefore, always ask for the packer’s experience before having them pack your household stuff. Although most packers carry out the packing tasks carefully, you should be aware of the ones that toss anything into a box and seal it up without paying any regard to breakage.

  • Verify Moving Insurance

Did you know that all moving companies in NJ or NYC need to assume liability for the value of goods they transport? There are usually two levels of liability – full value protection and alternative level of liability. You should have complete knowledge of all the charges that apply as well as the amount of protection provided at each level.

  • Verify the Moving Contract

Always read the entire moving contract to see that all of your belongings are listed on it. If you ever come across a moving company that offers a blank contract, remember not to sign it. Make sure to get all the moving clauses such as estimates, extra charges, pick-up date, delivery date, etc., in writing.

Check the inventory list thoroughly before the driver leaves with your stuff. This step is crucial because you will not be able to file a claim for anything that is not mentioned in the inventory list.

  • Customer Service

Check out the quality of service provided by the moving company. You can easily do this by looking into their online reviews and ratings posted by the customers. Most movers provide a tenure of nine months to report issues with the moving or file an insurance claim.


You will find many movers in NJ or NYC that are always prepared to manage a wide variety of moving conditions. But make sure to choose a moving company that accommodates all your shifting requirements.

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