How to get paid brand gives on Instagram


What you need to get paid sponsorship for Instagram

Before submitting any sort of sales pitch to land your first paid company business, you want to do some prep work!


This blog will cover the fundamentals of selling manufacturers for paid sponsorships. Yes, that capability WE will be catching up. I be aware of it sounds scary, but the truth is that when you are beginning out in the influencer field, most official brands won’t be aware of who you are. Pitching is one of the fastest, tried and truest methods to get paid manufacturer business with a small or large following. Freelancing isn’t always easy, and manufacturers don’t continually come out of nowhere to provide you an Instagram sponsorship. Therefore, you need to meet them halfway. Be prepared to show up and step out of your remedy zone! And no, you won’t be casting forever, I promise. This is honestly a starting point. You’d be surprised how many new influencers don’t seem to be willing to work to attract branded organizations and dream customers. That potential more clients for you when pitching the sales pitch!


This blog is about how to get paid sponsorship for Instagram. Getting paid potential you need to set a charge for your content. As a standard rule, you can get paid $10 per thousand Instagram followers. Note that the final number you pick out to cost should also factor in your engagement. This is so important.


Honestly, $100 for a sponsored put up is low and there are a number of elements to reflect onconsideration on with regards to pricing. I educate all of my #Sponsored Bootcamp students techniques to cost brands greater through upsell and negotiation, but in the meantime, You can study my weblog about how tons to cost for sponsored posts on Instagram to get started.


A media kit is a record that lists who we are, in short! Media kits are a critical phase of getting paid sponsorship from Instagram. Need extra assist with your media kit? Check out my 6 web page customizable media kit template! This is a made-for-you template that will help you create a professional and aesthetic media package that will grab the attention of brands.


How to beat the Instagram algorithm and get extra followers

Influencer media kit template

Contacting Brands for Paid IG Opportunities

Now that you have your media package and recognize your fees, it is time to determine out which manufacturers we desire to work with. Here are the steps I would take to find manufacturer contacts and get paid sponsorship on Instagram.


We’re almost prepared to begin rolling out, however first, I favor you to have a few matters about the mindset in take a look at and be prepared for the lengthy haul. Brands get requests from influencers all the time. However, if you are excellent at what you do, stay real to your brand, and drag yourself round working on it, you’re going to get a “yes” somewhere. About 80% of my job used to be launching manufacturers when I started. I spent a lot of time discovering emails, creating proposals and contacting people. Throwing would not constantly work, however I’m joyful with the instances it does! Although you would possibly get a “no” 3 times, it’s the 4th brand you contact that can give you a “yes”.


First, take a moment to assume about which brands you would like to work with. As with any objective, we desire to start by using writing it down; therefore, making an exhaustive listing is very helpful. To take this a step in addition and help you visualize a little, I suggest you think about what a paid partnership with these brands might seem like. So, you can feel as massive or as small as you’d like! This is your danger to dream a little. You can also write this down! For more info visit

Restrict your brand sponsorship options

Now seem to be at your listing and suppose about which manufacturers you can work with today. In other words, if brand XYZ said, “We’re looking for influencers for our next campaign,” would they employ you? Be truthful with yourself. Here are some questions to ask in advance:

Does this company work with influencers? When was once the ultimate time you labored with influencers?

How huge or small are the influencers they work with? Do they work with micro-influencers or macro-influencers?

Does my non-public brand healthy what this corporation would seem to be for in an influencer?

It is fundamental to do your research isa and be diligent about where you would match into a manageable influencer campaign. Just due to the fact you have a profile and know how to take snap shots would not imply manufacturers have the proper to provide you a manufacturer deal.

I see a lot of new influencers make the mistake of launching each dream brand underneath the solar and moon when there are a lot of well-known manufacturers that DO NOT work with influencers. That’s now not to say you cannot dream or work with a precise organization in the future, but we’re working on your position these days and how you can begin getting paid now.


So you’ve got obtained your listing of manufacturers you favor to work with, and you’ve got formally narrowed it down to which companies you accept as true with you’ll be in a position to work for today (based on your contemporary circumstances). So how do you locate brands to contact for paid sponsorships? There are several ways to do this, however one of the most frequent is to flip to an influencer agency. Aspire IQ, Mavrck and Whalar are some of the most popular. Basically, the way these businesses operate is for you to create an account with them and once approved, you can observe for influencer jobs. Influence corporations are an fantastic desire for small creators who are just beginning out! My only tenet here is to make certain that the jobs you follow for provide pay. Some of them tend to be exchanges for merchandise we do not want! Either way, going through an agency is an effortless way to work smarter, no longer harder. When I choose to get an Instagram sponsorship for travel, I start by means of messaging the manufacturer of pastime on Instagram or Facebook. A lot of brand partnerships I’ve had began as DMs!

Proposing Brands for Paid IG Sponsorships

Now that we’ve performed all our homework, it is time to start arguing. Pitching is through a ways the scariest section of figuring out how to get paid Instagram partnerships. So, let’s get into a successful sales pitch and what that looks like.

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