Notice From Social Security To Those Who Have Changed Their Phone Number


Keeping our personal information registered in the Social Security database up-to-date is very important to avoid all kinds of errors and confusion, as well as to be able to carry out all the procedures that link this body.

One of the most important data is the mobile phone number, since with it you can currently carry out dozens of procedures via SMS. That is why the Social Security has informed in its profile of attention to the citizen of the social network Twitter that, in the event that your telephone number changes, it is essential to register it in the agency’s database to continue carrying out those procedures of the same way.

Social Security has referred to its communication and contact information variation service, included in the Import @ ss online procedures platform . In the section ‘Personal data’, the citizen can make this registration, accessing the personal area by means of a digital certificate (you can get it in four steps ), Cl @ ve PIN or username + password.

Citizens can also opt for another route, sending the TA.1 form, available at this link and in which our personal data must be included: name and surname, sex, DNI or NIE, Social Security number, address. ..

Subsequently, it will be necessary to indicate the reason for the presentation of the brief. There you will have to choose the option ‘ Data variation ‘ and indicate that it is the change of mobile phone number, indicating the new one. It can be entered in section ‘3.Data relating to the notification ‘.

In either of these two modalities, the citizen will proceed to update their information registered in the Social Security database. In this case it would be the phone number, but it is valid for other data such as address, email …

How to do procedures via SMS?
Social Security has a list of 58 procedures that can be done via SMS, without the need for other methods such as the digital certificate or Cl @ ve PIN. They guarantee secure access to procedures, with a verification technology similar to that used by banks in some of their operations.

The operation is as follows: once the citizen chooses the access method ‘via SMS’ to the procedure, they will receive on their mobile phone (the one they have registered in the Social Security database) a single-use code that you will have to enter when the system asks you to. This ensures that the code only reaches the person concerned.

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