Unique Holiday Getaways: 5 Airbnbs to Stay At This Autumn


We all enjoy going on holiday. They’re a chance to escape everyday life for a few blissful moments, whether it’s your first or sixth getaway of the year. As we venture into the Autumn months, you might want to take a minute to relax outside of your home without jet-setting across the globe. And that’s where staycations come into the picture.

Staycations are the best vacations! In fact, staycations have become the new norm for many people around the nation, with research showing that 63% of people have avoided going abroad since the beginning of the pandemic. With this in mind, Mobile Mini, a leading provider of storage containers throughout the nation, has explored 5 places you can go this season.

Cave house, Scotland

If you’re looking for a staycation destination with personality, we have just the Airbnb for you. You might be shocked to find out that you can escape to a cave house in the beautiful Scottish highlands. Decorated with all the home furnishings of a two-up two-down and a grassy-sloped roof that’s perfect for picnics, this could be the dream you never knew you wanted. For those who’ve always wanted to imagine themselves as hobbits in the Shire, this choice couldn’t be more suited!

Shipping container, Cornwall

Shipping containers are the new cool. There are countless shipping container homes to choose from on Airbnb, no matter where you’re willing to staycation around the nation. For those wanting to go down to the Cornish countryside, we have just the place for you. Shakas House is anything but ordinary, with bright décor to contrast the steel and woodland exterior.

Boathouse, Wales

Most shipping containers might be made of steel, but one unique Airbnb stands out from the crowd. Ty Cwch Boathouse has a warm and welcoming wooden exterior with outside sofas and floor panelling to match. It can also house up to 12 people, making it the best way to spend time with your loved ones.

Church living, Cotswolds

Who wouldn’t want to staycation in a renovated church? It’s the chance to have a little slice of history reserved for those with a thirst for unique experiences. And while you’re indulging in this ultramodern loft conversion, you can sit back and relax with decedent windows to remind you of your distinctive surroundings. Plus, with a roll-top bath and plush blue sofa, you’re sure to be just in heaven. 

GeoDome, Lake District

The Lake District is known for its breathtaking views. While you’re surrounded by trees and lakes, you might be tempted to go camping, and this venue represents the perfect glamping opportunity for you! GeoDome is ideal for a secluded staycation with open views, whether you’re craving a little peace or want to go on a walking weekend away.

Your next staycation destination is out there waiting for you. You’ve just got to choose where you’re eager to go explore next. Think of the trees wilting in an auburn wonderland, hot mugs of tea on the couch, and rainfall soothing you to sleep in the autumn months… Perfect.

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