What is the Best Type of Vacuum Pump?


Choosing the right kind of vacuum pump for your needs depends on a few different criteria. There is no single best vacuum pump for everybody because your business will have specific requirements with regard to what you need a pump to do, what its flow rate should be, its capacity, and its overall size. Those are just some of the considerations that you need to keep in mind, so, as you can tell, it’s not exactly a case of just picking a pump and going for it.

Looking at the different industrial vacuum pump types that are available, it’s important to know what criteria go into choosing the right one for your needs. Let’s take a look at what you need to know and look at some of the common criteria that will influence what kind of pump you buy.

The Factors That Influence Pumps

Every pump is different and will have certain statistics and figures that make them better for some situations than others. Let’s look at the criteria that influenced different pumps:

The Flow Rate

The flow rate is directly related to how long it takes the machine to drain. Therefore, you need to evaluate the capacity of your pump to create the required pumping speed, as well as the mass flow rate, to work out what you need to buy.

Generally speaking, the higher the flow rate, the last time it takes to drain entirely. However, different types of vacuums have various rates, which are measured on a cm³ basis. A good flow rate is available with our Grundfos Magna1 32-120 F, for example.

The Chemical Compatibility

When looking for a vacuum pump, you need to evaluate the compatibility of the pump with the chemicals that you’re exposing it to. Some chemicals have oxidative effects, and others are acidic, which will damage many pumps. You need to pick something suitable for the type of work that you do.

The Lubrication

When you are looking at lubrication, you must identify whether or not you need to lubricate the vacuum pump. A pump which has been lubricated has greater resistance and efficiency, but the trade-off is that it requires more maintenance to keep it clean and functioning. If you work in a laboratory, then you would much rather have a dry vacuum pump anyway. A good pick for a vacuum pump is the Grundfos Magna1 40-120 F.

Overall Cost and Maintenance

Regarding the effectiveness of your chosen vacuum pump, the overall maintenance and costs associated with it will play a role in what is best for you.

Some pumps have higher costs but don’t require maintenance, whereas cheaper pumps often require regular maintenance because they are made from lower-quality materials. It’s up to you to find a balance. For a good middle ground, we’d recommend the Grundfos Magna1 32-60 F.

Picking the Pump for You

Picking the right pump for your needs is difficult if you’ve never had to replace a pump before or you are simply new to the industry. The best thing you can do is ask questions if you don’t know what kind of pump is right for you. We would be happy to give you expert advice and guidance because we understand that choosing the right pump is an investment and not something you want to get wrong.

However, with all the different criteria to keep in mind, it’s clear that what influences pumps is such a variety of factors that choosing the right one for you is very individualised. There is no perfect choice for everybody.

Final Thoughts

As we can see, you are statistically unlikely to pick a pump with no research or guidance and get it right. Choosing the right vacuum pump for your business will depend on the type of work that you are trying to do. There are plenty of industrial vacuum pump options, so in that sense, it’s not difficult to find what works for you because you are spoilt for choice, but it’s largely about knowing both the difference and your own requirements.

If you’re replacing a pump, then it’s a lot easier because you can just look for something with the same specifications and functions as your old pump, but if you’re starting out from scratch, it’s more difficult. We encourage you to ask us if you do have any questions, because we would be happy to put you on the right path.

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