Most Advanced iPhone Features And Enhancements, 13 Pro Max


The Apple company presented its new iPhone range a few weeks ago consisting of four different versions and placing its 13 Pro Max model at the top , which has been completely redesigned and features a Super Retina XDR screen with ProMotion and an adaptive refresh rate. up to 120 Hz, so the tactile response is faster and more faithful.

The camera system also takes a significant leap with new wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lenses, to achieve more clarity and possibilities, both in photos and in videos. The heart of this machine is an optimized chipset, A15 Bionic.

The technologies mentioned above make for a more capable team than previous generations in aspects such as macro photography, ultra wide angle and low light performance up to 2.2 times more powerful. It also has computational photography features, such as Photo Styles, to customize the appearance of images in the Camera app , and Night mode in all cameras.

In terms of video, highlight the integration of cinema mode with depth-of-field transitions, macro slow-motion and time-lapse videos , and optimal low-light performance. You have professional processes from start to finish in Dolby Vision and, for the first time, in ProRes.

It supports 5G and more bands are included to improve coverage. Other outstanding values ​​of the device are a battery that improves the autonomy time, a capacity that in the Pro Max model extends up to 1 TB and the front cover of Ceramic Shield, high resistance. In terms of finishes: graphite, gold, silver and the new alpine blue .

In the words of Greg Joswiak , Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing: “The iPhone 13 Pro Max completes the most professional range we’ve ever offered, with the biggest advancement in camera systems to date, the longest battery life and the longest performance, setting a new benchmark for iPhone and bringing previously impossible experiences to life.

The new Pro camera system offers more functionalities for professional photography, such as an improved telephoto lens, macro photography, Photo Styles, and Cinema mode, as well as video in ProRes and Dolby Vision. The Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion is our best display yet, responding intelligently to displayed content, offers excellent graphics performance and is perfect for any user experience. “

Camera system, possibilities
With the sensors and lenses of the three rear cameras, which have been optimized to work with iOS 15 and take advantage of the power of the Image Signal Processor (ISP) on the A15 Bionic chip, improved noise reduction and tone mapping is achieved. . The tests carried out on the team show that those of this iPhone are configured as the best camera system that the apple brand has developed .

The wide angle features a larger sensor with 1.9 µm pixels, which reduces noise and offers a fast shutter for taking detailed photos in different lighting conditions. Combined with an aperture of ƒ / 1.5, the wide angle provides outstanding improvements in low light situations, up to 2.2 times better than the previous generation iPhone (12 Pro).

It is equipped with Optical Sensor Shift Image Stabilization (OIS), a unique technology that stabilizes the sensor rather than the lens. This allows shaking-free photos and videos, even when the user is on the move.

The ultra-wide angle advances the possibilities thanks to an aperture of ƒ / 1.8 and an autofocus system that provides a 92 percent improvement in low-light environments. This new lens design, and first-time autofocus on the iPhone’s ultra-wide angle, as well as advanced software , make macro photography a reality.

The device is thus prepared to capture very good definition images in which objects appear larger than in reality, magnifying subjects with a minimum focus distance of two centimeters. It is also possible to shoot macro slow motion and time-lapse movies Thanks to the telephoto lens of 77 mm that allows you to get closer to the subject while recording a video and to take portraits with a more classic frame, with optical zoom of three times, so that the camera system reaches a total of six times.

Computational photography features
A faster Neural Engine in the A15 Bionic, the latest Image Signal Processor (ISP), and the integration of computational photography get new features in the iPhone 13 Pro Max. With Photo Styles it is possible to apply personal preferences to any photo, without giving up Apple’s multi-frame image processing.

Preset and custom preferences work with different scenes and subjects and, unlike a simple filter, apply appropriate settings to different parts of the photo to preserve important elements such as skin tones.

Note that, for the first time, the Night mode reaches all iPhone cameras, including the telephoto lens and, through Smart HDR, color, contrast and lighting can be achieved with more natural results even in group photos or in difficult conditions. The iPhone 13 Pro Max adds popular features such as Deep Fusion, Apple ProRAW and Portrait mode with specific lighting.

Cinematographic Videos
Apple’s top-of-the-range includes Cinema mode for recording people, pets and objects with a depth effect , and together with automatic focus changes they help capture cinema-quality moments, even for less advanced users.

The device allows you to change the focus during and after shooting, and you can also adjust the bokeh level directly in the Photos app and in iMovie for iOS, and soon in iMovie for macOS and Final Cut Pro. Cinema mode records in HDR with Dolby Vision, thanks to the A15 Bionic chip and advanced machine learning algorithms.

It includes ProRes, a video codec commonly used as the final distribution format for television commercials, feature films and broadcasts, which provides higher color fidelity and lower compression. This professional process is made possible by the A15 Bionic’s camera hardware , video encoders and decoders, and flash storage . According to Apple itself, the iPhone is the only smartphone in the world that offers the complete process: capture, edit and share in Dolby Vision or ProRes.

Processor performance
The A15 Bionic is ready to achieve screen, camera and video features that were not possible until now. It uses five-nanometer technology, and includes a new five-core GPU that provides fast graphics performance suitable for demanding video and gaming apps.

The new six-core CPU plus two new high-performance and four-efficient CPUs is up to 50 percent faster and performs tasks smoothly and with low power consumption. A new 16-core Neural Engine, capable of 15.8 trillion operations per second, offers machine learning computing for third-party app experiences, as well as features like Live Text Camera with iOS 15. Advances in ISP new generation devices provide improved noise reduction and tone mapping.

Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion
The iPhone 13 Pro Max debuts the Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion and adaptive refresh rate from 10 Hz to 120 Hz, with higher frame rates when needed and power savings when not. It is available in 6.7 inches and has a higher efficiency OLED panel , new A15 Bionic screen engine, faster GPU performance, always-on touch coprocessor and custom design for iOS 15, so that gestures, animations and activities such as playing video games transmit more speed and better response. It provides 25 percent more outdoor maximum brightness of 1,000 nits, which translates into better resolution, color and contrast, both for simply browsing the internet and for watching HDR videos.

Autonomy and other added values
It features a flat-edged design, constructed with a surgical-grade stainless steel frame, and includes a scratch and corrosion resistant finish, with a textured matte glass back. The color gamut has been created by applying various nano-scale ceramic and metallic layers to the surface. It is protected with Ceramic Shield on the front (drop protection.

TrueDepth camera takes up 20 percent less space to expand the viewing area, without sacrificing technologies such as Face ID. Redesigned rear camera system incorporates a flange Made of stainless steel that surrounds each sapphire crystal lens, it is designed to withstand the most common liquid spills and has the leading IP68 rating for water resistance.

Inside, the A15 Bionic features lower- drain components , a larger battery, and power optimizations for all-day autonomy. In fact, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has the longest battery life in the history of the iPhone, lasting up to two and a half hours longer than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

5G coverage
The device has more 5G bands, allowing you to use this technology in more places. According to Apple sources, by the end of this year, 5G compatibility will double worldwide, with more than 200 operators internationally and a presence in more than 60 countries and regions. Its iOS 15 operating system also favors these network capabilities.

Sustainability issues
The terminal is designed to reduce its environmental impact, including the use of 100% recycled rare earths in magnets such as those used in MagSafe, 100% recycled tin in main motherboard soldering and, for the first time, in soldering battery management unit. It uses 100% recycled gold on the main motherboard cladding and on the front camera cable and the rear cameras. The packaging design eliminates the outer plastic wrap, which represents a reduction of 600 tons of plastic .

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is available in graphite, gold, silver, and alpine blue with a capacity of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and the new 1TB option. The price starts at 1,259 euros, up to 1,839 euros for the 1 TB model .

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