7 ways to sell your property fast in a sluggish market


The spring market is generally the ideal time to sell a house, but although things aren’t as awful as many people anticipated at the beginning of the year, they’re certainly not as good as they might be.

If the housing market is competitive, potential buyers may not give much thought to the condition of your home. However, in a sluggish market, it is essential that there be no flaws that may discourage prospective purchasers.

This is why you must learn to assess the property market before you plan to sell or buy a house. For instance, if you are looking to put up a property for sale in Surrey, you need to assess the market condition, pricing prerequisites and estate agents in Surrey.

Quick property sale strategies

Weaker buyer demand over the last year has led to a rise in the average time it requires to sell a home. The average number of days a property spent on the market before accepting an offer in February was 64, as reported by Hamptons.

Even though the housing market has slowed, there is still a good chance that your house will sell. But you’ll need to take a different tack than you would in a more positive market.  If you want to sell your home quickly, you need to have a quick look at this section.

Put up a reasonable asking price

Setting a fair price from the outset is essential to attracting buyers and closing the deal fast. With consumers’ disposable income being squeezed by rising mortgage rates and other costs of living, it’s crucial not to overcharge your property.

That doesn’t mean you have to slash a huge amount of your asking price, but you should definitely think about the current market. The property shouldn’t spend months on end in outdated portal listings.

Present Your Home Elegantly

You should not only fix up your home but also make it seem attractive to potential buyers. It is recommended that homeowners declutter their homes before putting them on the market. Reducing clutter is one way to give your house a more impersonal feel. That way, potential purchasers would be able to see themselves living there.

Be flexible in your strategy

Being flexible is essential in a sluggish estate market. Maintain a constant availability for showings, and don’t make it hard to set up appointments with prospective buyers. Depending on the market, certain months are better than others to sell a home. Even if this doesn’t help you sell your home quickly right now, it may in the future. You must be willing to leave your home unattended for prospective purchasers to look around at their convenience.

If you can select your buyer, make sure it’s the right one

Someone who hasn’t yet sold their home or secured financing may have a more difficult time succeeding in today’s market. Your time on the market is limited, so any time spent in search of a buyer who backs out within a week or two is time wasted.

Find potential purchasers who can pay in cash

If you’re lucky enough to have numerous offers to select from, the quickest selling may be facilitated by accepting cash purchasers who don’t require a loan or chain-free purchasers who lack a house of themselves to sell.

Have a ‘Top Quality’ Property Listing Posted

Even if it is the responsibility of your estate agent, you should nonetheless review your home’s listing. Feel free to provide suggestions for enhancements.

Buyers looking at internet postings will notice a property with high-quality photography. Include high-quality photographs of the home’s exterior, interior, and any noteworthy features.

Get feedback

If there have been many showings but no offers, don’t be shy about asking the agent for comments. In order to receive useful feedback, the agent has to get viewers to respond honestly, without sugarcoating their comments. You should know whether they are concerned because of the roof’s condition or the price.

Summing Up

Having a buyer ask you a bunch of questions you don’t understand might be quite unpleasant. One of the most common strategies for selling a home is with the help of an estate agent. However, you may also sell your home through other methods. If you’re trying to sell your home quickly in a sluggish market, these may be an option worth exploring. However, you should weigh the time it will take to sell your home for the money you may expect to earn before deciding between the various options.

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