The Benefits of Renting an Apartment in The Pearl Island : A Comprehensive Guide


Did you know that Qatar was one of the top exporters of pearls in the Middle East?  This is how The Pearl Island got its name, as it was on one of the historic and important pearl diving sites in Qatar that the reclaimed, man-made island was built.   So it is not only the FIFA  World Cup 2022 for which Qatar is famous!

After obtaining independence after many years of dominance, Qatar has emerged as one of the most advanced countries in the world.  No wonder apartments in The Pearl Island are so popular.  However, it is not only the beauty and ambience of the location that draws people like magnets to The Pearl Island.  Nor the fact that it has one of the longest waterfront walkways to the marina.

There are many other benefits awaiting those looking for an apartment for rent in The Pearl Qatar.  We list some of them below:

Employment:   Qatar, because of its economical advancement, has much to offer the employment industry.  The jobs in The Pearl Island are varied, from high technology to the essential work profiles in varying portfolios – business, hospitality, education and others.  So job opportunities are available.

Tax benefits:  Income from an employed person’s salary, wages or allowances is not taxable.  Territorial tax is applicable – based on local income from a source inside the country. It is not residence-based.  A self employed person, if earning income from Qatar-based sources, may be income taxable.  

Gamut of accommodation:  Being in one of the “top” areas of the country means that accommodation is not inexpensive.  However, the positive side is that there is such a variety of property to choose from, which caters to all levels of income.  

Studio apartments:   Ideal for single professionals who do not need too much space, they are smaller and usually offer a living- dining-kitchen-bedroom, bathroom and balcony.   However, access to other amenities available in larger apartments are usually available.

Single bedroom apartments:  These are ideal for single occupancy or couples.

Multi-bedroom apartments:  These apartments usually offer a shared lobby, a pool and private gym, with parking facilities. Those with families or looking at shared occupancy (with permission from the landlord) would find these apartments very feasible.  

Serviced apartments: These offer the convenience of hotel-like services, such as room service, buffet breakfasts, cleaning and laundry.  Single or multiple bedroom apartments are available.  However, due to the facilities offered, they are more highly priced.  

Townhouses:  As part of gated communities, townhouses are less expensive and offer the facilities of shared amenities with neighbours, homeowners’ associations and security.

Villas:  These are popular with families, since they offer more space.  Most villas include swimming pools and play areas, ideal for children, and they are usually within closed compounds, offering security and privacy to the family.

Standalone villas:  For the elite and wealthy, these properties are huge and spacious, including a garden and swimming pool.  They are independent and usually in secluded areas.

So, there is a great range of accommodation available, depending on the budget.  Some types of  accommodation are furnished or semi-furnished, while others are not, so this detail will need to be checked out.  One of the benefits of unfurnished apartments is that you can customize and decorate the home to your taste.

Amenities:  So many to offer  –  a wide choice of food is available at the numerous restaurants – ranging from high-end luxury restaurants to informal cafes.   Shopping could be expensive but the variety of items available is exclusive.  There are numerous entertainment venues to choose from.  Walking on the waterfront could be exhilarating.  

Transport:  While many people use private cars or taxis, public transport by bus, the Metrolink and even the water taxi service is available.  This makes commuting more feasible.

Less stress:  The advantages of renting an apartment are many, including less expenses on upkeep, reduction in insurance costs, increased security, reduced utility bills and payment of only a minimal deposit. 
Conclusion:  Living on The Pearl Island is a luxury that most people would yearn for.  Even though the area is one of the first that has been open to expats for freehold purchase, the cost of buying property there could be daunting.   However, when looking at property rental, with all the benefits mentioned above, why would anyone have any doubt about renting an apartment in one of the most desirable places in the world?

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