Tips for renting Apartments and Villas in Qatar


Among the many countries in middle-east Qatar is home to millions of people, where the expat population dominates the number of local residents. The real estate business is now open to people from across the world and expats living in Qatar. They can either buy or find apartments for rent in Qatar with not much hassle with the right guidance. Most expats living here for a short term prefer renting a home as it is the efficient way to live here. The overall renting process is less complex compared to investing in a property in Doha or anywhere in Qatar. With a steady increase in Qatar’s population over the years, the real estate business progressed extensively where new builds are being constructed in different parts of Qatar, thereby providing numerous options for tenants across the country.  


Searching for villas for Rent in Qatar might not be as complex as purchasing one. However, it has several easy steps to follow with caution. Whether a person plans to rent studio flats or villas, they must have the necessary documents ready to get approved by the landlord. The primary documents are Qatar ID, salary records, employer ID, employment proofs etc. A married couple must submit their marriage proofs in Qatar, as living together outside of marriage is a law-breaking act. 


With a broad housing spectrum in Qatar, a vast number of household options are available to choose from, that come in different price ranges. Tenants will have to decide on the budget and property types they can afford by calculating the rental charges, cost of living as a single resident or a family, utilities, maintenance and other miscellaneous costs. Having a proper rental budget in mind will help narrow down the property options. In some properties, tenants will be charged with hidden costs, which are inevitable. 


Finding a rental property that is beyond perfect and meets all the important criteria in the outskirts of Qatar with no important amenities in the vicinity will make no sense for any tenants. It is essential to be sure of all the required resources like hospitals, supermarkets, health centres, malls, restaurants etc., are easily accessible. Families with children moving into Qatar shall look for nearby schools and parks as it is their primary necessity. Most expats would not know this information, so enquiring the neighbours will be the best way to start the process. 


Before beginning with the house hunt, people must plan and sort the requirements of their desired home and neighbourhood. Once the budget is decided, people can start looking for properties that fall in their budget line. However, residences available for rent come in different variants like an unfurnished, semi and fully furnished. The rental charges are lower for unfurnished homes and remain highest for the furnished ones. Tenants who own a car shall look for a dedicated parking space within the premises or somewhere nearby.


Those entering a prominent country like Qatar for the first time would find it daunting to hunt for the right property in a short time. Misleading property listings and classifieds would waste the tenant’s time and effort. Taking the assistance of real estate agents in Qatar will help the newcomers in the country to sort out their housing matters. With an agent’s help, people can effortlessly access a sweeping set of inventory across neighbourhoods in a short period, and enjoy a seamless house hunt.


Not everybody could afford to rent a home close to their workplace or elsewhere in Qatar. With too many cities in Qatar connected to each other, roadways are often congested and packed up most of the time. This is why working-class people prefer taking public transport every day. The local bus stops and metro are the favourite modes of commutation for the residents of Qatar. Staying close to them will save more time travelling from their homes to the metro stations. 


Every landlord has got their own terms and conditions. Few would be liberal, while some property owners would strictly adhere to the rules. Most property owners and communities do not allow pets or flatshares. It is best to have a clear overview of all the terms and conditions so that both landlord and the tenant can remain on the same page. The tenancy agreement is given in both Arabic and English, which should be read with complete attention and followed sincerely.

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