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Fines For Breach Of Marketing Margins And Price Control

ByMichael Grey

Dec 24, 2020
price control continue to rise

The Authority for Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition (Acodeco) has fined 488 economic agents for not complying with the marketing margins, per unit, of the 11 personal hygiene and cleaning products, and 402 for not complying with the price control of the 14 essential products.

Until December 15, 2020, the penalties registered in the first instance for non-compliance with these two reasons, total $ 1,733,522.50 ($ 1,136,575.00 for faults detected in the marketing margins and $ 596,947.50 for irregularities in price control), which represents the 74% of the first instance sanctions imposed by Acodeco , so far this year, totaling $ 2,335,335.55.

The 14 products that maintain their maximum sale prices, under price control and that are verified, are the stifle, ribbon steak, first class ground beef, whole chicken, first class rice, national and imported yellow onion, yam, national potato , tomato perita, cassava, powdered milk, white bread, processed American yellow cheese and sausages containing beef.

The established marketing margins are 15% for disposable masks and 23% for other 10 products (antibacterial or antimicrobial product, alcoholic or antibacterial gel, alcohol for external use, antibacterial soap in bar or liquid, disinfectant disposable tissues, disinfectant in aerosol , vitamin C, disposable gloves and wet wipes).

Acodeco reminds consumers that, for attention and complaints, reports can be made through WhatsApp 6330-3333; and the Citizen Service Line 311. Reports are anonymous, but they must describe the faults, the name and exact location of the business establishment.

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