Fight Against Irresponsible Consumption on Black Friday


One of the key dates of the year for consumers is approaching: Black Friday. This US tradition is increasingly ingrained in our country, it drives consumption. Even many businesses are encouraged not only to offer discounts on their products that day, but also extend the promotions to several days. | Also read: This is the Black Firiday 2020 of the Fnac, El Corte Ingles and Amazon: three different ways to advance discounts

Thus, it is a good excuse to anticipate Christmas shopping, yes, you have to be careful not to spend more than expected and that what was going to be an investment becomes compulsive purchases. And, with discounts, there is always an excuse to buy more and, sometimes, too much.

The emotium psychologist, Maiana García, offers us some keys to acquire what we need and some whim , but just enough to not lose our minds with purchases, and invest responsibly, both for the moment in which we are and for not accumulating so many things that are not necessary.

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Also read: Amazon’s Black Friday 2020 is here: discover the best offers and discounts in technology and electronics

Make an assessment of your monthly expenses item
In this way you can determine how much you can allocate to purchases. Within your possibilities, Black Friday discounts can be the opportunity to give yourself the whim you want at a more affordable price.

To future purchases that you want to make safely and compare the prices to assess the savings and make the purchase decision.

Take a list
Have a list of the products you really want to buy. In this way you will avoid succumbing to the claim of the discount posters and, on the other hand, you will reduce your stay in the establishments, avoiding crowds.

Plan your visits
Plan your visits to the establishments. Choose the times when you will do it, instead of going spontaneously or for mere entertainment.

Look for alternatives
If the list of purchases you would make is endless, and it frustrates you not being able to afford it this year, look for alternatives. You can give a new function to some of your possessions, or borrow others from friends or family. Thinking about how to meet your needs in other ways will reduce your impulsiveness and increase your flexibility.

Amazon’s Black Friday 2020 is here: discover the best offers and discounts in technology and electronics

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