How To Appeal A Traffic Fine Correctly According To DGT


If you receive a traffic ticket for a violation that you have committed or not on the road, here are the steps you can take to pay the fine or claim it.

If you have just received a traffic ticket for the first time and you are not sure what your options are, do not worry. The DGT has reminded all drivers of the necessary process of action that must be followed when a fine is received.

Faced with a traffic sanction, you can act in two ways: paying the fine or claiming. If you decide to pay the fine because it is considered fair and it is recognized that an error has been made, the amount is reduced by 50% if the payment is made within the voluntary period and you waive filing a claim for that fine.

On the contrary, if you do not agree with the sanction, we consider that it is erroneous and that no crime was committed, we are waiving that 50% discount and we have a period of 20 calendar days to present allegations from the day it is notified the sanction.

The notification date is considered the moment in which the owner receives the information that he has been fined, that is, it may be on the road at that time because a policeman has asked us to stop and has fined us, or it may be by post or email.

It is also possible to consult the Single Edictal Board, the DGT website where you can consult our information as drivers. Even in the DGT mobile application it is possible to check the fines.

The claim is presented in several ways: online , through the DGT’s Electronic Headquarters or in any Electronic Registry of the Public Administration; By post , to the Traffic Headquarters that is processing the procedure; and in person , by appointment, at any office of Traffic.

It is necessary to present the file number of the procedure and an explanatory letter that includes the file number, data of the interested party, reason for the claim with the evidence that they want to provide and the signature of the interested party. If you file the allegation online, this writing is not necessary.

Traffic will analyze all this information and decide if you are right or not. If your arguments are not supported, you will have to pay the fine in full or go to court through a contentious-administrative appeal, for which you would need a lawyer and / or attorney. This last step entails some expenses, since the previous claim process is completely free.

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