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You Can Play On Amazon Luna By These Android Phones

ByMichael Grey

Dec 29, 2020
Android phones

Luna is Amazon’s video game streaming platform. Simply put, Luna is Google Stadia’s competition and it has already been released, although it is only compatible with a few Android mobile devices.

Amazon has already launched Luna on Android phones, although it is not currently available in Europe, it will be soon. By then, we hope that the list of compatible mobiles has expanded.

We are left with the consolation of knowing that we can take advantage of the platform on iOS devices, Windows and, of course, on Fire TV devices, in addition to the web version. Google Stadia, unlike Luna, is compatible with all Android mobile devices. It was obvious, in the case of Google, owner of Stadia and Android.

Amazon Luna allows us to play more than 100 games on platforms such as tablets, mobiles and televisions, computers, browser, etc. directly from the cloud. It is necessary to have the official command specifically designed for the Luna platform.

Luna has to face Stadia and Project X and her main move is the subscription price. We can use Amazon Luna from only $ 5.99 , but you have to request an invitation from the Amazon website.

At the moment, only those with an account in the US can request it. The cloud gaming service that Amazon proposes has certain requirements that must be met if we want it to work on our Android mobile :

Have Android 9 or higher.
Use Chrome version 86 or higher as a browser on Android.
Have a minimum Internet connection of 10 MBps.

Luna does not arrive alone, but with an extra cost, we can also have Ubisoft +. This service gives us the opportunity to play all the titles of the company for a monthly payment of $ 14.99 . Ubisoft + is also available on Google Stadia .

The date on which Luna will arrive in Spain is not known, but it is clear that it will make things very difficult for Google Stadia and Project X. The arrival of Luna will be beneficial for users, since prices will fall and each company promote your services in the way you think best. That is, there could be significant discounts, gifts, offers, free games, etc.

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