What Makes A Marriage Work? Award-Winning Author Provides Insight


Marriages are filled with ups and downs. What does it take to make a marriage successful? Author Corie Adjmi, who writes about the complexities of relationships and marriages, offers insight into what it takes to make a marriage work.

“Both people in the marriage have to care about nurturing the relationship. That might mean ongoing learning about yourself—your childhood, your triggers—so you can be a better partner and not bring old wounds to the relationship. And it might mean making time for the relationship, taking a walk and talking, a dinner out, a vacation. Relationships need attention to thrive, not to mention survive, and in those alone times sharing leads to bonding and trust, serving to fortify the connection between the couple,” Corie Adjmi explains.

One thing that not only marriages but all relationships require is healthy communication. However, not everyone is capable or willing to be open and communicative face to face. Modern technology has opened up new avenues to communicate, and Corie Adjmi believes these can be extremely beneficial.

“As far as communication goes, I used to be against text messages. I thought it was a cop out. Now I see how they can be beneficial. Texting makes me pause, take a breath, and when I don’t feel like typing so much on my phone, I only say what is absolutely necessary, simplifying my points and my message is clear and targeted. And I get a chance to delete anything that is not needed or kind. If texting is not continually used in place of honest, open and compassionate conversation, texting can actually be a good tool,” she says.

Corie Adjmi is the author of the short story collection “Life and Other Shortcomings,” which won an International Book Award, an IBPA Benjamin Franklin award, and an American Fiction Award. Her prize-winning essays and short stories have appeared in dozens of journals and magazines, including HuffPost, North American Review, Indiana Review, Medium, Motherwell and Kveller. She’s been featured in Travel and Leisure, New York Magazine, The Hollywood Times, Parade and BuzzFeed.

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