The Career You’re Destined to Have Based on Your Star Sign


There is no better feeling than walking the path of life that you’re destined to walk. Astrology gives you an insight into your personal blueprint to help guide you on your way.

“One person’s dream job is another person’s nightmare scenario, and astrology can help you find the right path for you by emphasising your personal strengths and acknowledging activities which you naturally enjoy,” says Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologer.

Here is what career is right for you based on your star sign.

Aries: the start-up entrepreneur

If you’ve had the urge to start your own business, lead the pack, and turn your ideas into action, congratulations – your Aries star sign is giving you the career kick you’re born to fulfil.

Bestowed with unparalleled energy, a knack for vision, and the courage to take action, you’re born to become the entrepreneur of the year and headline the list of start-up innovations.

Taurus: the finance guru

Just like you enjoy climbing the ladder of success, so do you have a knack for adding numbers up. Your methodical and practical nature would suit a career in accounting and finance.

“Taurus, alongside other earth signs such as Virgo and Capricorn, love routine and productivity, and working in smart attire. For them, a career in finance, education, or consulting feels secure and comfortable,” commented Inbaal Honigman.

With both feet firm on the ground, nothing can shake you up, and you can easily find a solution to any complex task. That makes you an ideal candidate for the corporate world and a star that meticulously finds its way to shining bright at the top.

Gemini: the social butterfly

People often see you as a social butterfly, a conversation starter, the one having an amicable personality. That couldn’t be truer.

A career that lives up to your image and inner desire to bring people together is best manifested in the social media realms. An influencer, a social media manager, or a brand ambassador are all vocations that suit your ability to come up with brilliant ideas that align with current trends. So, go give that career path a follow.

Cancer: for the world with care

Born with the natural ability to nurture others, you’re best positioned to manifest your caretaking gifts into a rewarding career of helping others. Whether you become a nurse, a caretaker, a therapist, or work in a charity organisation, you will feel like you’re following your calling.

According to Honigman, “Cancer is a water sign that enjoys taking care of others and occupying supportive environments. Cancer people feel most appreciated working in the caring professions, as nurses, aestheticians, or nutritionists, where they feel like they make a real difference to people’s lives.”

Ruled by the moon, you are very intuitive and emotionally intelligent, meaning you can sense and nurture other people’s pain. Use those gifts and do good in this world.

Leo: a charismatic showstopper

Leo, your planetary disposition is one to bring a true show star into this world. Ruled by the sun, you possess the confidence to make it to the stage and shine bright. To add to this, the fifth house of creativity is also projecting stardom and a knack for performance into your life.

That being said, a career that fulfils your desire to be in the spotlight and make people happy is one of an entertainer. An actor, a performer, or a TV personality are all suitable for your magnetising charisma.

Virgo: a health and wellness advocate

Virgo, there is one avenue in life where you’re destined to excel. The ruler of the sixth house of health and routine, you’re naturally drawn to all things health and wellness.

Matched with your meticulous, detail-oriented, caring, and knowledge-seeking nature, you desire to learn and pass your knowledge in the field. You don’t specifically have to become involved in traditional medicine, and a career as a life coach or a homeopath will satisfy you equally.

Libra: let there be justice

It’s no surprise that your sign is represented by the scales of justice. You’re an advocate for fairness, and a career in law will perfectly match your star sign.

Ruled by Venus, you’re naturally charismatic and have a love for aesthetics. That means that you’re no ordinary lawyer. You’re always dressed up on-point and ready to charm the jury with fashion and diplomacy. Put on a fancy suit and your men’s brogues, and you’re ready to win both in court and life.

Scorpio: into the debris of the psyche

Deep, intuitive, and possessing a well of emotion, you are incredibly introspective when it comes to life’s quests. You possess the natural ability to sympathise with others and guide them on their healing journey, which makes you a great psychologist.

By understanding human nature, you are able to map out a way through the labyrinth of the subconscious and help a person find their way out. That’s what nourishes your intellectual mind too.

Sagittarius: travel the unknown

Sagittarius, with your adventurous, truth-seeking, and curious nature, it’s hard to pinpoint you to one specific location. That’s why your ideal career needs to involve a lot of physical or mental travelling. Think of a diplomat, a travel agent, or even a theologist.

“As a fire sign, Sagittarians like keeping active while they work. To turn their hobbies into their career path, they’d pick jobs in the fitness or travel industries, as personal trainers, hotel reps, and tour guides. They love the feeling of each day being unlike the one before,” added Honigman.

You possess an incredible thirst for knowledge and are ruled by the tenth house of philosophy, which makes you crave higher meaning. Satisfy your thirst for the unknown by finding a stimulating and expansive career path that lets you travel the unknown.

Capricorn: the big boss

Capricorn, if there was one word to describe you, it’s boss. You’re born to lead others to success with your hard-working, disciplined, and focused nature. Whatever your passion is, you’re sure to turn it into a business.

At work, you’re not just a boss – you’re a great boss. You have the ability to apply structure to any matter and are sure to pursue your goals till the end. Go climb the heights of success, sea goat!

Aquarius: bringing innovation forwards

They say that we live in the age of Aquarius, meaning the age of you. Innovation and technology are at the forefront, and that’s where you’re bound to find your meaningful career.

Whether you’re working in the field of astronomy, AI, engineering, or physics, your brilliant mind and forward thinking will help you channel your innovative energy. Your ruler Uranus bestows you with the desire for change and is your greatest motivator to make the world a better place through innovation.

Pisces: an artist with a cause

The last of the zodiac, you’re a true piece of art. Bestowed with creativity and imagination as vast as the ocean, you easily channel your creative energy into the canvas of life.

Not only that, but you are also a great humanitarian and are always ready to help the disadvantaged. Combine the two, and you make for a perfect art therapist. Whatever your artistic talent is, you can easily apply it to the greater good.

We are all bestowed with different traits and interests that draw us more to certain careers. Finding a career path that fulfils your soul’s desires is a true gift and a key to a happy life. Let the stars guide you on your journey.

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