What steroids do female bodybuilders use?



Although steroids use is normally perceived as a male phenomenon, in actuality it’s not. Steroids are not limited to men; women too can use them to increase muscle mass and enhance performance. But, compared to males, they need to take lower doses and less powerful substances in order to prevent side effects like strong masculinizing effects, gonadal disorders, and bone & muscle weakness. 

Over the course of this post, we will present a full overview of what steroids do female bodybuilders use – including their effectiveness to their safety to the appropriate dosages. 

What are anabolic steroids?

The synthetic versions of male sex hormones are known as anabolic steroids. FDA approved their use in delayed puberty and muscle-wasting conditions. Some sportsmen and bodybuilders also take them to bulk up their muscles, increase strength, and enhance performance. Thanks to their remarkable anabolic properties, they are the quickest route to becoming a better athlete – both physique and performance wise. 

How do they work?

In general, steroids are responsible for two main functions: stimulation of protein synthesis, and promotion of male sex hormones which together boost muscular tissue development and promote male sex characteristics Medicinally, anabolic steroids are also used to treat anemia, breast cancer, osteoporosis, malnutrition, and hypogonadism.

The steroid compounds bind with the androgen receptors in the body. They trick the body into believing they are male sex hormones – testosterone – when they are not. Anyhow, once the molecules of steroids are in place, they activate the androgen receptors. Depending on the chemical structure of the steroid used and with which it has interacted, a number of behavioral changes take place – particularly those changes that occur throughout puberty.

What steroids do female bodybuilders use?

Now that we know how anabolic steroids can really improve performance, there’s no reason not to check into the steroids that female bodybuilders can use. 

Although there is no denying that anabolic steroids have amazing bulk and strength development potential, some of them are not suitable for both genders. Their extensive range of androgenic effects makes them unappealing to female bodybuilders. This also explains why female steroids are more scarce than male steroids. Here are the top four female bodybuilder steroids to look out for:

·         Winstrol

If getting a leaner body and maximum weight loss is your main bodybuilding objective, Winstrol is the steroid to go for. It is however important to note that it is a very powerful steroid for women and must therefore be used in low doses. Even 5mg of Winstrol will work for many female bodybuilders. Low doses are in particular needed to avoid virilization. 

Putting Winstrol in a nutshell, the Winstrol cycle can result in a slimmer body and maximal weight loss safely only in small, controlled doses. The steroid helps ladies gain lean muscle mass while boosting their size and making them appear stronger. As for the dosage, most health professionals generally advise women to take two Winstrol capsules every day. This dose is sufficient to prevent virilization.

·         Anavar

For female bodybuilders looking for massive muscle gains, and prominent physical transformation, Anavar UK(oxandrolone) is perhaps the best option. Also referred to as “girl steroid‘, Anavar is also great in terms of safety; women can use it without major androgen side effects. The latest studies however indicate that Anavar abuse surely can cause virilization-induced adverse reactions. 

Generally, Anavar is recommended to women in small doses. That’s right. A mild consumption can deliver impressive muscle mass and strength gains. Some women also report noticeable fat-burning effects, which is obviously a cherry on the top. The suggested Anavar cycle is 6 weeks in which you should take 5-10 mg of Anavar consistently. You may even see great results by taking just 2.5mg of Anavar every day. 

·        Anadrol

An oral steroid, Anadrol significantly improves bulking results. Like males, it is popular among female bodybuilders as well. It builds large lean muscle mass, which is essential for creating that impressive bodybuilder profile. This anabolic steroid also retains muscle nitrogen, resulting in mind-boggling strength improvements.

Some experts, however, are opposed to the usage of Anadrol in women. They think that the majority of Anadrol’s negative effects on women are androgenic. However, this is just a misunderstanding. Anadrol is well tolerated by female bodybuilders because, in addition to increasing testosterone levels, it has a considerable impact on estrogen levels. As a result of this balancing in testosterone and estrogen, both virilization and masculinization are greatly reduced.

·         Primobolan

If you really can’t decide which steroid to choose to gain muscle and strength, Primobolan may be a good bet. In essence, Primobolan works by preserving nitrogen in the muscles, which aids in overall protein production. Furthermore, it’s the steroid with the least androgenic properties. Precisely speaking, having an anabolic rating of less than 57 makes it fantastic for accelerating fat loss and ensuring the least virilization effects possible. 

The usual recommended dose of Primobolan for female bodybuilders is 50 to 80 mg per day and the cycle is eight weeks. All in all, Primobolan is safe and can greatly increase muscle mass, and strength, when combined with appropriate training and used exactly as directed. 

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Conclusion – To sum it all up

Despite the fact that non-medical uses of steroids, particularly steroids for bodybuilding, are prohibited, millions of athletes continue to use these compounds to improve strength and muscle mass. These substances may undeniably offer you the physique you’ve always desired; nonetheless, it’s critical to constantly follow the expert’s recommended doses because there are just too many dangers associated with inappropriate steroid use.

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