Introducing L’Occhiolino: Chilled,Sparkling Red Wine


Introducing L’Occhiolino…(pronounced Locky – Oh – Leeno) a brand-new Italian sparkling red wine from the heart of Bologna. It’s surprisingly light at just 7.5% alcohol and best served chilled, ideally over a long leisurely lunch with a side of sunshine.

Meaning ‘the wink’ in Italian, L’Occhiolino is the kind of wine that’s served from under the counter, that off-menu gem. It’s made from some of the oldest grape varieties in Italy that are relatively unknown outside the country. Unusually combining a deep ruby red colour and light froth of bubbles, this sparkler is lighter than typical Italian sparkling wine and the perfect choice for brunches and summer dining. Typically enjoyed by the trend-setters of Bologna, this authentic and delicious sparkling red has arrived in the UK.

L’Occhiolino is a full-bodied wine that’s charged with notes of ripe and juicy berries with florals on the nose, has a silky texture that leads to lively fruits on the palate before finishing with cherry and sweet spices. Created for laidback enjoyment, best served in a white wine glass, the only stipulation is that it is served chilled to maximise the flavours and delicate bubbles. 

From the heart of Emilia-Romagna region, the Italians have been keeping this style of wine secret for years, enjoying it with classic antipasti and fine cold meats from the wine’s home in Bologna. It also pairs well with oil-rich fish, spicy foods and southern-style BBQ.

Created by third generation winemaker Daniele Artioli, a ripe 31 year old, at Cantina di Carpi e Sorbara, in the heart of Emilia-Romagna region.

L’Occhiolino Sparkling Red is exclusively available from:

RRP: £12 a bottle or £108 for a case of 12 bottles (saving £36)

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