TicketsCandy and Square: A Powerful Partnership for Secure Ticket Sales


The up-and-coming ticketing service provider, TicketsCandy, has been making waves in the ticketing industry. With their innovative approach, this ticketing service is changing the way events sell tickets and giving the industry leaders a run for their money. To add to their incredible list of benefits, TicketsCandy has secured a partnership with the merchant provider Square

The two make an incredible team when it comes to providing secure transactions for eventgoers. Hence, why the two businesses are catching the attention of event organizers everywhere. Read on to learn how TicketsCandy’s partnership with Square provides a secure and reliable payment processing system for event organizers, and how this partnership is helping to change the ticketing industry. 

What Is TicketsCandy?

TicketsCandy is a free event ticketing and booking solution that prides itself on looking out for the little guys. The business uses innovative technology backed by AI to provide exceptional services to event holders and businesses of all sizes. Plus, the business promotes its customers through its own marketing channels no matter how big the event is, helping boost sales for all of their customers.

The platform also allows its customers to make data-driven decisions by providing in-depth data analytics that contains valuable insights into customer behavior and ticket sales trends. Combine this with their invaluable marketing tools from Google, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms that allow event holders to track their marketing efforts, and you can see how it is easy for their customers to know exactly how to best price their tickets and best market their event. 

Another enticing benefit to using TicketsCandy is that event holders can sell from anywhere online by embedding TicketsCandy’s user-friendly ticketing widget on their web page, or by creating a branded event page with tickets, text, images, and videos that can be easily linked to on social platforms, through texts, or emails. Eventgoers can easily purchase tickets from their mobile devices and add their tickets to their mobile wallets, save the ticket email, or take a screenshot of it to check into an event with a simple scan. 

What Is Square?

Square is a financial technology company that provides mobile payment solutions to individuals and businesses. As a trusted merchant service provider, they are how businesses process sales. With them, event holders can accept credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay to make attending their event as easy as possible for their customers. 

With no hidden fees or long-term contracts, Square has been expanding globally with new software and omnichannel solutions. Plus, their low fee of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction makes them enticing to event holders of all sizes who want safe, secure transactions but don’t want to have to pay an arm and a leg to get them. 

Another great advantage of Square is that they deposit event holders’ funds into their bank accounts daily. Their customers never have to worry about waiting too long for their hard-earned money to come through. It is always readily available to access for the continued growth of their event or business. 

How Event Organizers Benefit

Square and TicketsCandy’s partnership is disrupting the ticketing industry. Two businesses with incredibly low fees partnering together to offer robust, innovative ticketing solutions is turning heads and making industry leaders rethink their current strategies. 

With the help of Square, TicketsCandy can provide secure and reliable payment processing for event organizers and allows their buyers to make purchases in any language or currency. This allows TicketsCandy to expand globally and remain a trusted ticketing provider. 

Other ticketing platforms and even merchant providers have high, inconsistent fees that deter event organizers and their eventgoers. TicketsCandy automatically passes their incredibly low fee of 0.9% and Square’s low fee onto event goers, making the platform completely free for event holders without raising their ticket prices too high. High ticket prices deter customers, therefore the lower the fees, the more sales event holders will make. 

Reimagining The Ticketing Industry

Large ticketing companies have a service fee of between 7-20% that goes on top of their merchant processing fee. A large fee takes away from their customer’s profits and increases ticket prices, lowering event sales. Plus, not all of them have secure partnerships with trusted merchant providers, meaning their customers’ data could be at risk. 

TicketsCandy and Square partnering up to provide game-changing services at incredibly low prices is going to put pressure on industry-leading ticketing providers to start to lower their prices or offer better services. As TicketsCandy climbs its way to the top, there is no doubt their partnership with Square is going to be a catalyst towards more success. Keep an eye on this duo as they are sure to continue to make waves in the ticketing industry in years to come.

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