Pepe Viyuela Is The Most Transvestite Of My Christmas Special


This Christmas, the best laughs and comedy land on Atresplayer. On December 19, the Atresmedia platform will premiere a Christmas special starring the iconic Samantha Hudson . A production that mixes fiction and reality to bring us a new success under the production of the Javis and directed by Alejandro Marín (director of Maricón Perdido ).

Enjoy our video interview in which we spoke with the actress, singer and new voice of Generation Z about the premiere of her short story A Christmas with Samantha Hudson . “This is the effigy and the representation of everything with which it is related to me, in an attempt to insult me, and of everything in which I hope never to become”. A delusional adaptation of Charles Dickens’ literary classic, in which Hudson takes the title role.

Samantha Hudson also talks about how the work has been with Arturo Valls (whose name has been tattooed), Amaia Romero, Victoria Martín, Paco Clavel, Supremme De Luxe or Pepe Viyuela, whom she points out as “the most transvestite of the special “.

A different Christmas
“ I’ve always been a mocatriz, but they didn’t give me work for any of the three things. Now, the laws of the market have deigned to stop insulting this hot chick in front of you ”, highlights the actress about this production, which she also compares with some precedents. “ How many Christmas specials have they done with fags? Although good, Raphael and Mariah Carey are worthy rivals ”.

At present, the artist triumphs with her songs Por España for the film ¡Corten! (of which she is part of the cast) and Dulce y Bautizada , with a video clip full of nods to Bad Girls . Previously, we also saw Hudson in a small role in Veneno and soon he will appear in Rainbow , the new film by Paco León .

“I don’t know if this special is going to break down barriers, all I want is for my mother to see me ,” says a hilarious Hudson. His path to stardom has only just begun. Don’t miss the entire interview on these lines!

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