CCOO Asks For 40,000 More Teachers, To Lower The Ratios


Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) asked this Monday that the new Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegría, hire “at least” 40,000 more teachers, reduce the ratios below 20 students and maintain the extra hiring of educational reinforcement that is they did with the Covid-19 pandemic.

This was claimed by the Union’s Teaching Federation before the Education Sector Conference held this Wednesday, which will address the start of the new educational course.

CCOO also considers that it is “vital” to maintain, “without sparing resources” , the health protocols that have allowed the return to a safe presence in the educational system.

“The reduction of ratios has proven to be, how could it be otherwise, an enormously effective measure to improve educational quality and is essential not only to ensure safety and health, but also to correct previous deficiencies in the system and arising from the pandemic, especially for the most vulnerable students, “he said.

For this reason, the union calculates that this commitment to the presence of the new minister “implies maintaining and increasing the number of hiring of teachers and other professional profiles to support teaching and families by at least 40,000. , lower the ratio below 20 students per classroom, strengthen prevention against occupational hazards and increase health protocols in the educational community “. “This bet requires investment and a plan agreed upon by all the educational administrations,” CCOO ruling.

Development of the LOMLOE
The organization also asks that in the development of the new educational law, the Lomloe, work be done on “strengthening and expanding investment, improving the organization of centers, introducing new work methodologies, varying the sense of evaluation, making use of intelligent technologies by integrating them into the educational project, achieving stabilization of temporary staff and changing the initial training of teachers, as well as reorienting permanent training that must go hand in hand with pedagogical innovation and the needs and challenges present in the day a day of teaching work “.

“The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training must be the one to lead through legislation and in the Sectorial Conference the articulation of all these measures to improve the educational system,” the union warned Minister Pilar Alegría.


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