Demand For Advice Grows 350% Due To The Management Of Ertes


The continuous legislative changes in the current business scenario have ended up stunning thousands of companies, which have seen in the figure of the advisor, an essential ally to accompany them in this new volatile and changing framework. Thus, the incorporation of this professional profile with knowledge of labor, tax and accounting law has become a strategic necessity.

According to various studies, the demand for its own advisory services has increased by 350% since the start of the pandemic . Given this boom in the demand for consultants, training in this field has become essential to provide help to thousands and thousands of companies in our country.

In this pandemic framework, the requirements to request aid , taxes, exemptions or Ertes have generated hundreds of thousands of consultations in specialized offices and, as a result, there has been an increase in the demand for courses for the training of workers who give an efficient response to this type of inquiry.

Ayuda T Pymes, the leading Cadiz company in the advisory sector in our country, projects the direct hiring of 100 new advisers in 2022 based on the growth forecasts in the firm’s offices during the following year.

The technology-based consulting market has catapulted its growth since the start of the pandemic. “Clients seek immediacy and comfort with their advisory and management service, they do not want to waste time. To do this, normalizing the relocation of the service has become an essential boosted by the passage of Covid through our lives.” Apostille Alfredo Pérez, CEO of Ayuda T Pymes.

“Law firms and consultancies have multiplied their workload during the health crisis and, those prepared to absorb and respond to the expectations of the new user profile, will notice a significant increase in their client portfolio.”

In order to face this context, Ayuda T Pymes opens its internal training program on August 30, 2021 , available to anyone interested in training and working as a consultant . The open training plan, at no cost to participants, will be available for a week at .

This is the step prior to the selection of the profiles that will enjoy the 100 scholarships offered by the School of Advisors and will be immediately incorporated into the employment pool of their quarry, with vacancies in offices throughout Spain.

The pioneer company in the online consulting business in Spain and responsible for the development of the first cloud management platform in 2008, bases an essential part of the team’s development on its internal training program.

“Regardless of the level of training and, often, the experience of the candidates in other types of offices with a traditional-analog work model, it is difficult to find suitable profiles to introduce our team of advisers. That was the origin of our School of Advisors, the place to learn to function and work as an Expert Advisor “concludes the director of the brand.

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