Stunning Custom Posters Revolutionize Advertising Industry


We have all come across a picture on a wall while taking a walk across the street that we couldn’t seem to forget. These pictures could be so prominent in our lives over a period of time that they turn into literal landmarks for us. Such is the power posters possess.

Posters, when done right, could leave visual imprints on people’s minds. Their ability to live long in memory and pass across useful information separates them from many other means of advertising.

For posters to create this effect on people, they have to possess certain elements and traits that make them captivating to whoever views them.

In this article brought to you by HelloPrint, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to create stunning posters bound to capture the attention you need.

Understand your purpose

The first step to creating a captivating poster is to know the purpose this poster is supposed to achieve. You should have a clear vision and mission in mind before starting your design.

Are you advertising a locally produced movie? Do you want people to know about your new hair salon? Have an exact image of what you need this poster to portray.

When you have clarified your purpose, you can then move on to the next step.

Know your target audience

Understanding your target audience lets you narrow down ideas on how to go about your design. By looking through the perspective of this audience, you can get insight on how the design should look.

Depending on the purpose of the design you plan to create, some metrics are important to consider: The age range, gender, and location of this target audience are all important metrics to take into consideration.

Knowledge of certain metrics is not enough in some situations. Take an instance where you are creating a poster for a football fan base. You would want to use images of fan-favorite players for the poster.

This knowledge is key to creating a poster that people will interact with.

Create your poster layout

Now that you have started your actual design, it is key to build a solid foundation. The layout helps you put all the elements of the design in the right positions. This is no easy task, as a skilled graphic designer could still have a poster that looks disorganised.

Create a layout from scratch by looking through Pinterest to find patterns and inspiration. If you do not feel up to it, download a professional layout, which is readily available on multiple sites across the internet.

Create your design

The design of your poster carries unequivocal importance. It is tasked with catching the eye of the viewer and getting them to pay attention to the poster and read through till the end.

By the time you are done with your design, you have to ensure all the elements you have decided to make use of fit perfectly with each other and possess balance.

Here are the key elements to use for your poster to make it stand out:

Vibrant colours

Colours add flavour to your poster like no other element does. Your choice of colour will determine the type of audience your poster attracts and how they feel when they see it.

It is an extremely important factor, not just for its eye-catching nature, but also for its ability to evoke emotions. Certain colours have an effect on how people feel once they view an image. Understanding colours and how they affect your audience is a key step in getting them to fall in love with your poster.

For a poster created to advertise a business, ensure to incorporate brand colours. Incorporating brand colours into your poster gives your brand the feeling of a tight brand identity. This poster should make your potential customers feel that your brand is cohesive and can be trusted.

Breathtaking imagery

An image is really important to most posters, as it adds an extra layer of captivating visuals to the already selected colours. Selecting the right image for your poster is a step that cannot be overlooked. Ensure to pick a fitting image that expresses the idea you are trying to convey visually.

Make sure to use high-definition images that give your customers the feeling that your brand represents high quality. Download high-quality stock images from the internet that would suit your poster perfectly.

Be sure to blend your image with the background colour to make it feel like a single unit.

Unique typography

Typography is important, especially for less image-driven posters. They give your poster a unique feel that makes viewers stare and wonder, “How did they put that together?”.

Truly striking typography takes real creativity. So be sure to explore the internet for sources of inspiration that will drive you to your own unique idea.

Select your font

The font of your design brings your design together and makes it feel like one. Font selection is a key part of posters because, after the viewer’s attention has been drawn by the visuals, the font keeps the viewer reading by not feeling out of place.

Select bold and rare fonts that can be easily seen but do not feel basic. Ensure the font size is in good proportion to the rest of the poster, in such a way that it does not drown out the design.

Send your message

The main aim of creating a poster is to send a message to the reader. While writing your message, ensure to use words that can be easily understood by your chosen audience. Keep the message concise so as not to overwhelm both the poster and the reader.

Ensure to add important details like dates, times, or locations, depending on the message of the poster, before concluding.

Use an adequate printer that brings your design to life and makes the work you have done feel worth it.


Mastering how to create a perfect poster is not a day’s work; it takes practice and consistency. But through these steps we have brought you, you can get closer than you have ever been to creating a stunning design that would capture the attention of people everywhere.

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