Volker Hartzsch: The Many Ways That Web3 is Changing Digital Marketing


Volker Hartzsch attended the University of Dusseldorf in Germany, where he studied Sport, Economics and Philosophy. This educational background positioned him perfectly for success as a business coach and trainer, advising clients on all aspects of coaching and training. In his role as a business coach, Mr Hartzsch has helped more than 180 clients to achieve seven-figure annual incomes.

In addition, Volker Hartzsch is a serial entrepreneur, having founded several companies, including Maibach Holding Inc, Hybrid Evolution Marketing Inc and Matrix Global Inc. This article will look at the potential of the metaverse and Web3 to drive a rapid evolution in the digital marketing industry.

Coined the ‘third-generation of the internet’, Web3 is a decentralised web designed to deliver more personalised and interactive experiences. Moving away from the current model, where big tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon exert huge control over users, Web3 was developed to provide consumers with more control over their privacy and personal data.

Although many still regard Web3 as a far-off notion, experts predict that it may become a reality within the space of just a couple of years. Although Web3 – like cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the metaverse – is still in its infancy, for those digital marketers seeking to secure a competitive edge over the competition, keeping ahead of the curve and familiarising themselves with the concept of Web3 and its capabilities now is crucial.

With Web3, user data collection and privacy will change, marketing strategies will need to become more creative, and more autonomy will go to content creators. NFTs are tipped to reshape the marketing experience, with big brands like Gucci and Nike already jumping on the bandwagon with their own NFTs. In addition, with power redistributed to consumers, it will be essential for marketers to build a strong sense of community.

Web3 places an emphasis on interaction between humans and machines, potentially paving the way for new technological capabilities. Take for example catalog.works, a platform created for musicians to auction songs or albums exclusively as NFTs. Transactions are made in cryptocurrency, with 100% of the proceeds going to the creators. From the musician’s perspective, catalog.works doesn’t just enable them to make sales and generate revenue – it also creates the implicit marketing opportunities associated with an NFT auction of a unique digital item. Just as artists can reposition themselves, serving their audience via Web3, companies and brands should take care not to underestimate the power and potential of this innovative new marketing channel.

Poised to revolutionise the way people think and interact with each other online, Web3 is about so much more than websites, blogs, PPC ads and SEO. Rather, the model is all about enhancing user experiences by providing rich and interactive encounters.

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