6 tips to effectively launch and promote a new product


Creating and marketing a brand-new product can be an exciting time in any business’s life, but it’s not always fun and games. It takes hard work, a lot of ingenuity, and perhaps a little luck. According to a professor from Harvard Business School, 95% of new products miss the mark and fail.

If you don’t want your new idea to be one of the many failures in the business world, here are a few tips to help you launch and promote your product to success.

Build excitement with a well-timed email campaign

It’s easy to think that email, the oldest form of internet communication, is an outdated marketing tactic in 2023. However, nothing could be farther from the truth! In fact, email has one of the highest rates of return for any marketing strategy, earning a whopping $36 for every $1 spent on average.

And the best way to utilize email in your product launch campaign is to build excitement for the launch.

Several weeks (or even a few months) before the official launch of your product, start sending regular emails teasing the launch. This could include shadowed-out images of the product, an intriguing description, or even a real picture of the product with all it can do to make the buyer’s life better.

The key to a great email campaign is consistency. Send regular emails leading up to the launch date to really build the excitement and ensure potential buyers don’t forget about the launch. Most marketing professionals suggest sending around two emails per week to keep your product top of mind.

Every email you send is a representation of your brand — and your product. A boring text-only email shows that your brand and product will probably be boring. Instead, be sure to use high-quality email layouts to make your brand and product look amazing!

Since you’re busy putting the finishing touches on your product, new arrival email templates are a great way to simplify the design process. Simply choose the template that best fits your brand, input your product information, and you’re ready to send professional-level emails.

Set a realistic launch timeline (and stick to it)

It’s exciting to launch a new product, but it’s important to not get ahead of yourself. According to research from Gartner, 45% of all product launches get behind in their launch schedule. Whether it’s because of technical setbacks, vendor delays, or any other unexpected setback, it’s important to set a realistic launch timeline for yourself.

Launch timelines are important for everyone from the team working on the product, the marketing department, and even the customers. There’s nothing worse than announcing a product will be ready for summer, getting tons of preorders, and having to go back and tell all your excited buyers that they have to wait until winter (or beyond) for the amazing product. It hurts your brand image and the profits you’ll make on the product itself.

Before your product is ready to hit the market, make sure you set a realistic launch timeline — including any delays you can possibly think of — and stick to it! Follow-through is always a good thing.

Run a special introductory offer

Who can resist a great deal? If you really want to make a splash when your new product comes out, offer a special introductory offer or discount for people who pre order or purchase your new product within the first few weeks or months (your choice) of the launch date.

Driven by deals, more people will flock to see how your new product can change their lives for the better. Once they see how amazing it really is, they’ll have no choice but to take advantage of your special deal and purchase one for themselves.

Run a social media contest or giveaway

Social media is a great way to announce new products to your followers, but what about people who might not follow your business? You want them to know about your new product launch, too!

Contests and giveaways encourage people to share your posts and build hype for your product outside of your follower circle.

For example, tell your followers that they can enter to win a free (insert your new product here) if they like, share, and tag two friends under your post. Of course, you don’t have to give away a product; but whatever you decide the winner should get, make sure it’s something people will actually want. The more exciting the prize, the more attention you’ll get for your new product.

Write a blog or two

People always want to learn about new products. While most of the time they can just go to the product page on your website, this is a new product we’re talking about! Instead of just uploading a “coming soon” product page, write a blog or two about topics related to the new product.

For example, if you’re about to launch a brand-new leaf blower, write a few blogs about the difficulties with standard leaf blowers, how bad sitting leaves are for your home and yard, and maybe even a few maintenance problems users can experience with leaf blowers. Then at the end of your blog, mention how your new product solves some of the troubles and is launching soon!

Search engines also love to use blog content to answer queries. They’re a wonderful way to improve your website’s search engine optimization and rank higher in the search results.

Host an event

What better way to showcase your new product than to throw a launch party!? Okay, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a party, but events can draw people in from far and wide to see your new product in person.

Online promotions like email, social media, and blogs are fine for teasing your launch, but they can’t show potential customers what your product can really do. When you throw an event, you can put on all sorts of product demos to show everyone exactly what it can do in real-life situations.

If you couple your event with special introductory offers or giveaways, you could get even more buyers right at the launch.

And if everyone is having fun at your event, they might be more likely to purchase your product.

Launch your new product to success

The launch is a make-or-break moment for any product. That’s why it’s important to do it right! When you’re ready to release your latest product, be sure to set a realistic timeline and promote the launch with emails designed in a powerful email maker, an amazing introductory offer, a contest or giveaway, blogs about the product, and maybe even a launch event. When all your marketing efforts work together, you’ll have more orders than you know what to do with!

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