CaixaBank Opens Its First Megaoffice In Madrid Measuring 4000 Square Meters


CaixaBank opens its first mega-office in Madrid, measuring 4,000 square meters. It is located in the Plaza de Colón and has been designed by Norman Foster. With it, the entity adds three macro-branches in Spain.

CaixaBank will open the first mega-office in Madrid tomorrow. It will be the third of this concept, called ‘all in one’, after those installed in Barcelona and Valencia in 2019 . In the heart of the capital, in the Plaza de Colón, the branch has 4,000 square meters of extension, spread over four floors and a terrace.

According to the entity, in the building designed by Norman Foster and baptized as Axis, it will offer specialized attention to all business segments, both for individuals (with expert managers in retail banking, Premier Banking and Private Banking) and professionals (freelancers, micro-businesses and companies), which will be carried out by 130 workers. In principle, the client portfolio of this center totals 27,000 .

Equipped with the latest technology, the branch has two auditoriums for events and 40 offices for private meetings. Attention to the public will run from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm, except in the summer months .

Clients who arrive by appointment will not have to take turns to notify their manager: the client will be able to notify with their mobile that they have arrived and the person who is waiting will meet them. Likewise, CaixaBank has designed a self-entry system with NFC technology, thanks to which the user can notify simply by bringing their mobile phone closer to the device located at the door.

The self-service area has the latest advances in ATMs, including facial recognition technology , designed by the entity to make it easier for customers to withdraw cash with an image of their face, without having to enter their PIN. The software of this type of ATM recognizes and validates 16,000 points on the customer’s face to guarantee a totally secure identification.

CaixaBank plans to design its own program of events, talks and presentations on various topics of interest in the property, who may attend in person or follow the live broadcast streaming anyone interested, whether or not a client of the entity.

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