What To Do If You Have Debts With Social Security


Being up-to-date with Social Security payments is essential. Not only for the fact of complying with the obligations as a citizen, it is also necessary in order to be able to collect certain dependents of the agency. For all this, when citizens cannot assume these obligations, they are in serious trouble.

In some cases, however, they may request the postponement of debts with Social Security . The body itself has explained it in its profile on the social network Twitter , although it is not always possible to take advantage of this mechanism: “It will be granted to you if you meet a series of conditions.”

The Social Security collects on its website the debts that can be deferred: fees or debts that have another category, their surcharges and those that apply to “economic benefits due to work accidents and occupational diseases caused by lack of safety and hygiene measures they can only be postponed at work when they are fully guaranteed with an endorsement “.

In order to postpone these debts, in addition to having the status of ‘deferrable’, the citizen must pay the non-deferrable (quotas for accidents at work, occupational diseases and those of the self-employed or assimilated), the guarantees required by the Security must be given Social and pay current fees.

In case of complying with everything, the applicant for the postponement may see his debts with Social Security deferred for up to a maximum of five years . During that time it will be considered as up-to-date with the agency and the collection procedure for these debts will be paralyzed.

To request the postponement of debts with the Security, the request for postponement of payment must be submitted, the TC 17/10 model, which must include the amount of the debt, the circumstances that force this postponement and the schedule of payments and deferral.

Along with this model, the model TC 17/11 for the recognition of debts with Social Security, the TC model for non-postponed settlement, the TC model for deferred settlement, the TC-2 for the nominal relationship of the workers of the company and the rest of the documentation that may be requested depending on the situation.

How to request a postponement of debts to Social Security

  • In person , at the Provincial Directorate of the General Social Security Treasury, the Social Security Administration or the Social Security Executive Collection Unit corresponding to your address, as well as at post offices, diplomatic representations , consular offices or records of any administrative body belonging to the General Administration of the State, an autonomous community or a legal administration.
  • Telematically , in the service ‘Postponement in the payment of debts to Social Security’ available at this link and provided that you have a digital certificate (you can get it in four simple steps ), username + password or Cl @ ve PIN .

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