Notice To Freelancers About How You Have To Fill In Covid-19 Sheet


The Treasury has once again reminded the self-employed group that they are obliged to include the ‘Covid-19 Sheet’ in their annual accounts . A mandatory document in which they must include everything related to aid and benefits related to the pandemic.

That is, within this document, the self-employed must include all the public aid they have requested and of which they have been beneficiaries during the health crisis, as well as the ICO credits and ERTEs they have accessed.

Am I obliged to present the ‘Covid-19 Sheet’?
The self-employed are obliged to present the ‘Covid-19 Sheet’, although this obligation is totally transitory and, in principle, it will only be necessary to carry out this procedure on this occasion.

However, it will only be mandatory for those professionals who have submitted the annual accounts of their business for deposit, after July 26, 2021 , that is, for presentations carried out from July 27, 2021 onwards.

The self-employed have a period of five months after the presentation of the 2020 annual accounts to present this document in the commercial register.

How should I fill in the ‘Covid-19 Sheet’?
These professionals must include in this document the request for ERTEs, what has been their cause, what number of workers in the workforce has been affected, what was their start and end date. In the same way, the self-employed person must include the same information on aid and benefits that they have requested .

In order to carry out the procedure electronically, the worker will have to refer to the web portal of their corresponding Mercantile Registry and provide the following documents:

  • Notification of the file of the accounts for the year 2020 where the Entry number and File number are reflected.
  • Valid and in force electronic certificate .
  • Credit card for the payment of the fee, which reaches 3.64 euros.

To do this, the self-employed must follow the following steps:

  • Download the fillable PDF file on the web portal of your Mercantile Registry.
  • Fill in the PDF with the data you received in the notification of the accounts.
  • Make sure not to leave any fields unfilled, since these fields will be validated at the time of submission and will not allow you to continue if data is missing.
  • Sign the PDF with a valid certificate.
  • Access the registry website again to send the file.
  • If the data is valid and the PDF is correctly completed, it will allow you to reach the payment gateway.
  • After processing, the self-employed person will receive a notification by email.

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