US Infrastructure Plan Achieves Congressional Approval


The United States Congress approved this Friday by 228 votes in favor to 206 against the infrastructure plan of 1.2 trillion dollars (about one trillion euros) of the United States president, Joe Biden, which had been approved by the Senate in August but had been blocked for months due to difficulties in reaching an agreement between representatives of the Democratic Party.

The plan must now be signed by the president to become law. It foresees the financing of new infrastructure projects for the next five years worth 550,000 million dollars, which will serve to renovate roads and bridges, as well as the energy or public transport systems of the country.

This infrastructure plan “will create millions of jobs, turn the climate crisis into an opportunity and put us on the path to winning economic competition for the 21st century,” Biden said in a statement distributed by the White House.

The president has detailed some of the areas on which he hopes the agreement will have a positive effect, such as “affordable and available anywhere” high-speed internet access in the country.

It will also “make it easier for companies to bring their goods to market more quickly, reducing bottlenecks in the supply chain,” said the president.

After a negotiation that has lasted hours, Congress finally approved the measure with the support of 13 Republican representatives who have voted along with the majority of Democrats – although six representatives of Biden’s party have voted against it. pick up the CNN chain.

Another action envisaged in the proposal is to create a national network of charging stations for electric vehicles that runs throughout the country. The production of solar panels, wind farms, batteries and electric motors will also be promoted with the idea of ​​exporting this technology to the rest of the world.

Bill Gates will donate 1.5 billion against climate change if the US passes the infrastructure law
Bill Gates will donate 1.5 billion against climate change if the US passes the infrastructure law

The project represents the largest investment in infrastructure in decades in the North American country, according to the Bloomberg agency . Adding to the $ 550 billion in new infrastructure is routine investment in roads, bringing the total investment to $ 1.2 trillion.

The president of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has celebrated the agreement in a message on the social network Twitter, in which she has assured that the bill offers “a unique investment in a century” in the infrastructure of the country.

Biden has failed to get a vote on his $ 1.75 trillion spending package at the same time that provides for lower prices on healthcare, childcare, and lower taxes on the middle class – a requirement of the more progressive wing. of the Democratic Party – but it has been agreed that the vote will take place the week of November 15, after the Congressional Budget Office conducts a cost analysis.

“(The project) is fiscally responsible, it is fully paid, and it does not increase the deficit,” the president has defended in relation to the spending package, which will make “the largest corporations and the richest Americans begin to pay the part that corresponds to them “.

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